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Are you using Google Plus Page for Business? You should.

Today I spoke about social media and we need to look at this least discussed social media network – Google Plus Page for Business

Today I spoke my first presentation as a speaker – “The what, why and how of social media” at a non profit organization.  We all know of the top social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube (there’s others including Snapchat, so I won’t get into it here) – in this article,  I want to mention Google Plus Page for Business.

I have been using Facebook since it came first out, then added Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram to my arsenal for social media engagement. Now I’ve added Google Plus and Google Business Page.

Google Plus Pages for businesses are now managed through Google My Business, a platform that makes it easy for customers to find and connect with your company. Google My Business uses Search, Maps, and Google Plus to make your brand more visible in local search results. For example, when I search “coffee shops Canton, Georgia,” Google Plus listings are at the top of my search with all the relevant information:

*screenshot provided by Google

If you’re hoping to make your company more discoverable (and easy to locate geographically) Google has handed you the tools you need on a silver platter. As a study from Optify tells us, it pays to be at the top. Websites that appear on the first page of Google get 54.8 percent of all clicks from users.

Long-term SEO value

Google Plus remains a key part of organic search rankings and brand visibility. As SEMRush points out, “…the simple fact is that studies of SERP ranking factors continue to highlight the influence of Google My Business signals (and therefore Google Plus) have on your organic rankings.”

The lesson? It pays to sign up for Google My Business and optimize it for your target audience.

Community engagement

By strategically organizing your connections on Google Plus, you can segment key audiences and share relevant content. It’s a great opportunity to get +1s, reshares, and replies. A study conducted by Hubspot showed that sites using the +1 button get 3.5 times more visits on Google Plus. This is a great opportunity for you to join the discussion or get engagement on your own content.


*Google plus is not dying or dead. Google has revamped it since last November of 2016. It is still worth looking at and adding Google Plus and Google Business Page to your social media network.

If you need to learn more about Google Plus and Google Business Page, reach out to me at Or you can just ‘google’ it yourself! 😉