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Stop Making These Mistakes with Your Website

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Quit doing the website yourself. You’re not saving money – not by long shot. You won’t be winning any clients either.

Your website needs to be secure – that means it needs to have an SSL certificate. Google will give a nod towards your website because you have an SSL certificate on your domain over those that do not.

The website needs to be well laid out, easy on the eyes, and it should use simple colors.

Next, it needs to be mobile friendly, user friendly, and contain useful content.

First, what does it mean that it is mobile friendly? Many think it means that it looks good on the smart phone, and on the tablet as well as on the desktop/laptop. That is only one part of it.

Mobile friendly also means certain information is readily available. For example – your phone number, your e-mail contact information, your address or address with map, your business hours and social media network links – those pertinent information are all easily seen and clickable right when they load your website on the smart phone. If they have to “hunt and peck” for that information – they will leave and go to your nearest online competitor. It also means it loads pretty fast on their smart phone.

The terminology “user friendly” simply means getting around or getting information from your website is easy. The website is nearly intuitive when it comes to moving the visitor around and through the website. If the website visitor has to work hard at getting certain information, again, they will leave your website and go to your nearest competitor. They should not go more than three clicks to get something. Keep that in mind when looking at your website.

Lastly, your website should be filled with useful content. Sure, you can have marketing and sales materials on your website, but it should contain useful content so that the visitor feels that they can trust you as a reliable resource. Google likes useful content as well. How do you create useful content? What is “useful content?”

If you research “useful content” – there are millions of topics on this. However, you will notice a common thread – create engaging and thought provoking content, make sure your content is original, communicate better by adding images and video; and make continual updates to your website or blog.

Google likes it when each page has at least 250 words per page, with keywords, plus few images with alt image tags. If you cannot write, invest in a professional writer or copywriter to help you out.

An investment in your website will return in dividends when you start getting referrals, new clients, phone calls or e-mails that end up in at your bottom line.

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