About SCS Digital Marketing

About SCS Digital Marketing

SCS Digital Marketing Mission:

To show you how digital marketing works for you. What you need are the three “P’s” and the big “P”.

My background is marketing. So, we know the three P are People, Place and Product. In digital marketing – it is not much different. It is my goal to ‘simplify” it as much as I can so when we collaborate – the work can be done somewhat effortlessly as possible. But it gets done.

When it comes to website(s) – much of the frustration lies in coming up with the “website’ per se. Or the website has gone live and it does not seem like it is doing much.

It is because we’re all starting at the wrong place. We need to start with “content marketing.”

So I have developed what I call the 6 Steps in Digital Marketing. But in all in all, we need the 3 P’s and the Big P. What is it again? The three P’s are Process, People and Place – in digital marketing, we need Process – methods, metrics and tools for our digital marketing efforts. The second P is people. It may be you, outsourced resources and more tools. And the last P is Place. That Place is your business, your website and you.

The Big P is The (Digital Marketing )Plan. Your Passion. And Your Purpose.

I am here to serve you – to help you understand and show you how digital marketing works. Straightup. Straighforward. No-nonsense.

Our clients come from the lovely state of Georgia as well as from North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. We communicate via Skype, Facetime and an occasional face to face visits.

Christine LaikindAbout Me – Christine Laikind

I’m the female version of The Profit – only I operate on the digital marketing side.

I have been a self-employed creative entrepreneur for 15 years.  On my journey, I’ve had my lows when I made mistakes and I have had my highs when I did well.

I once owned and operated a retail boutique that was an art and jewelry gallery with a membership pottery based studio. During that time, I was able to increase the revenue 30% over three years, implement successful programs and participate in successful non-profit fundraising efforts. I even launched a successful community activity that continues to run today.

Today, I offer my expertise and services to small businesses and non-profits in the ever-changing digital marketing world.  With me, I share my hard knocks, expertise and creativity with my clients on how to increase their company awareness, increase website or foot traffic, grow their business organically and at the end, they will see increased revenue and new clients and increased engagement with their existing base of clients.

How am I different from others? I am not an agency. I am straightforward, no-nonsense person with solid business and marketing acumen, and I take only a few clients at a time so I can get to know them and their business. Ultimately I become part of their team as we work together towards the goal of growth.

Why should that matter to you? You, the business owner, and I know that websites and social media networks are not going away. It’s here to stay. There are other components that need to be implemented to make them work for your business in order for it to bring in leads, customers and sales.  I know what needs to be done. I’m willing to share my knowledge and expertise. You have to be willing to implement them.  That is all it takes.

At the end, as part of your business and marketing strategy, your website eventually becomes the hub of your marketing and sales activities – like it should be.


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