Frequently Asked Questions

After meeting with lots of prospective and current clients, I started noticing some common questions, here is to help to get you started.  If you have a question that isn’t listed and answered on here, please feel free to ask me.  I’ll respond, I promise.

What do I need to get a website?

First – you need three things: a domain name, a web hosting company and a professional website designer.

Do you just work with businesses or companies locally? 

No, not really.  While I enjoy face to face interaction –  thanks to technology – if you don’t mind skyping, facetiming – I am happy to provide services anywhere in United States. My  fantastic team is “virtual” and our clients come from all over.  My team consists of other web developers, web app developers, search engine managers, tech support and other experienced people that are needed to accomplish whatever projects our clients ask of us! We here to make our clients happy and successful!

How many pages can I have on my website? 

You can have as many pages as you want. Some of the main pages you’ll want to consider are: Home, About Us, Products and/or Services, Contact Us, FAQ. In addition to these main pages, you’ll want some complimentary pages as well to enhance and expand on your main pages. For example, you may want to add a testimonial page or a page to describe a service in depth.

How long does it take to build a website?

It depends – on the client, actually. I could have an informational 5-10 page website done in a couple of weeks or less if you respond to my questions and provide what we need in less than 48 hours. Many of our websites have taken less than a month to complete because of timely correspondence. If you don’t respond to me, the website could take a lot longer to get done.

How much does a website cost?

That is the $50,000 dollar question. Our WordPress websites start at $500. I have gone as high as $10,000 for a website with e-commerce.  Sure, you can spend $599 with another company or offshore site or do it yourself for literally next to nothing. But do not expect much in return for those efforts. The difference is that we will work as a team – with your help in generating content for your business, we will help you make your money back and then some. (that does not include hosting and maintenance fees)

Do you have maintenance plans?

Yes, in addition to website hosting and designs, we offer website updates and maintenance services. We insist on that – it is important that websites stay up to date, it is backed up and secure. It is all part of maintaining our relationships with our clients.

Do I have to stay with you to keep my website?

No. Although we hope that we keep you as a client for a very long time but no, you don’t have to stay with us. Once we design your website, you own it.  I can give you a disk with a compressed files or send you the files through dropbox with your website files and database (for WordPress sites) to take to another web designer or web hosting company.  If I purchased the domain name for you, I always make your company the legal registrant and I also advise registering your domain private.

Can I see how many visitors I’ve had on my website?

Yes, as part of the services we offer to our web hosting clients, we provide monthly stat reports. Nice, huh? 🙂

Do I get an e-mail address with my website?

Yes, with the web hosting company I use lets me provide you up to 10 email addresses. Any more than that, I would advise that you consider using Google Gmail or Office 365. I will show you how you can use your domain name as part of your email address if you decide to use Google Gmail services or Office 365 email services.

Can you update my current website?

Yes, we can, we offer website content maintenance services – though if we don’t host it, we prefer to host it so we can update it and make it better for you!

If you design my website, will I find it on search engines?

Yes, your website will eventually be indexed by search engines. If you want me to do search engine optimization work on your site, I’ll set up local directory listings, build links, add relevant keywords, and more~ for an additional fee as part of our SEO services.

Can you get my website on the top on search engines?

I don’t promise that at all. However, it’s a team effort. You provide me with information (words, photos, videos) about your business, and we will strive to optimize it for you. If you’re not willing to talk about your business, then I can’t help you. This sounds easy, but it is not. Try this exercise, type up a 10 paragraph document discussing your business. Make sure that each paragraph has at least three sentences in it.

What is domain name parking?

Very often, when people “buy” a domain name, they are only just starting out on a new website. Since getting a domain is the first step of many in creating a website, most people don’t have any website at the time they register the domain. As such, they can’t point the domain name anywhere.

Domain name registrars, the companies through which you register a domain, work around this problem by allowing you to point your domain name to a dummy web page. When visitors type the address of a domain that has been parked, they will see this placeholder web page in their web browsers. The content placed on the dummy web page varies from registrar to registrar, and it’s possible that some registrars place advertisements or links to themselves on your parked domain. (Note that you will not earn money from those advertisements. You will only earn from the advertisements you place yourself on your website.)

There are of course other situations which might lead you to want to park your domain. For example, if you were buying many domain names because you think you might want to reserve them for future use, or because you can’t decide between the different permutations of names and want to take precautions against those names being “stolen”, then it’s likely that you will want to park those domains temporarily till you either decide what to do with those names or till you actually get a website ready for those domains.

Why would I redesign the look and feel of my website but not rebuild it?

A variety of factors can make a redesign worth considering, but here are several that almost always require an update. You’ve got new branding and color standards, and you need to make sure your new look extends to your website. Your bounce rates are extremely high, meaning people visit but few convert; a well-thought-out redesign can turn this around. Or your business has grown, and plans call for new products and services; your site’s design may need to reflect that change. Lastly, your customers complain about your site, claiming that it looks outdated or doesn’t work well.

What developments might require me to reengineer (re-design) my website from scratch?

The most important one is if your current site doesn’t adapt to mobile device screens. Fixing this is an absolute must in today’s mobile-driven world. Another would be if your site was originally built using Flash: Apple’s iPads and iPhones don’t support Flash. That’s reason enough to rebuild, but there’s another reason: Flash can slow your site down.