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Facebook and #Hashtags

I decided that I would do blog and vlog about various topics revolving around small business and social media and digital marketing.

Today because of my client meeting I had with a real estate agent – I would discuss Facebook and Hashtags. This topic can pertain to any small business owner that has a Facebook Business page.

The majority of us have a personal Facebook page. Then there is Facebook Page. When you create a Facebook Page – it can be for your small business, an organization such as a not for profit organization, for a brand or product, for an artist or band, for a cause or community. Facebook Page provides these options. Facebook Page is a good way to separate your personal page from your business, brand, cause or product.

Facebook Page

For an example, I have a personal Facebook page and two other Pages – one is a business Page for my small consultancy design studio, SCS Digital Marketing and the other is for my creative endeavors, Chrissy Studios. On my personal facebook – that is how I stay in touch with friends and family. On my business page – that is how I stay in touch with clients, develop prospects, and share events, ideas or tidbits. The topics on my personal page rarely cross over to my Business pages. For those that do know me, I am mostly a positive person with positive or inspirational messages. Sometimes those show up on my business page. But whatever I post on my personal page rarely shows up on my business pages.

To learn how to create a Facebook Page – I will have to discuss this on another blog/vlog.

Anyways, while we’re on the topic of Facebook Business Page – I want to discuss the importance of #hashtags. Even if you don’t “tweet” on Twitter or use Instagram or post on Google Plus or pin on Pinterest . . .yet, hashtags can and should be used on your Facebook posts. “Those with a Facebook Page tend to overlook the importance of Hashtags. Hashtags can do wonders for your followers and for driving prospective followers to your page.” 

#Hashtags is a popular way of “categorizing content” on social media. When properly used, #Hashtags make it easier for users to find related content. They can help increase visibility of your messages and boost your social shares or social profile. One of the tools I use to make sure I am using the proper #hashtags is ritetag – it is a Chrome extension or you can go to and sign in with your facebook or twitter profile.

In regards to my real estate agent, my advice to her was to increase her Facebook Business profile, since she did not have a website page up yet – we needed to implement #hashtags to help increase her rankings in search engines. She is currently having a cute pet contest. Any photo she posts on her Facebook business page, her hashtags should include her branded hashtag that she is going to create for her self which is her business name, then #cutepet #contest #cutepetcontest, #pets #whoisoingtowin #realtor, and she needs to add the hashtag of the area of where her office is at. I am protecting her privacy here by not mentioning her name and the area that she is in, but you get the idea. If she were to post a photo of a house with a curb appeal idea that she liked, then her hashtags again, need to include her brand name, the hashtag of the area the house was in, #realtor, #curbappeal #lovelylandscape #landscape and so on.

Once she implements those hashtags for her pet contest for an example, and let’s say you were looking for pet contests in your area because you wanted to submit a photo of your cute puppy to see if you would win any prizes, to find them in Facebook – go into the Facebook Search Field and type the hashtag #petcontests, and then on the left you can select the results by posted by anyone or by choose a source, tagged by location which could be anywhere or you can choose a location and by date posted which is anytime, or you can choose a date. This helps narrow down by source, date and location. When I chose my search to narrow it down by Atlanta, Georgia – there were no pet contests in the area. . . yet. Additionally, over time, her hashtags will also help her on search engines as well. She needs to post consistently on Facebook with hashtags to see results on her efforts. Consistent means posting on Facebook at least twice a day, with hashtags.

Facebook Search Field

I hope you found this blog and vlog helpful and useful information. If you need help with your social media, reach out to me

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