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Speak UP

Speak up. When we all start speaking up, there is power in numbers.

Apparently, I missed it. But then again, I really don’t pay attention to the Oscars because I don’t go to the movies much. For obvious reasons ~– movies aren’t captioned. There is no benefit for me to go. I miss out on all of the dialogue that is going on. Even if I go and ask for captioning at the movies – most of the time, it does not work or it is at time that it is inconvenient for me.

So, last night at the Oscars, a 6-year-old deaf girl won an award for the best young actor. Awesome! Someone came out and signed an acceptance speech on her behalf. Cool.

I did not see an interpreter in the audience. I do not know if there was one. I do not know if the family of the young child was in the audience. Did anyone ask for one or offer such service? Do not know.

That is one of my frustrations ~ going to an event ~ any event. I usually try to get in front of the stage as possible. But it is a moot point because most speakers move around too much for me to follow. Or I just simply cannot read their lips for whatever reason.

As a result, I miss out a lot in events. I might catch 20% of what is being said. If the speaker uses a PowerPoint presentation, then I will glean what is being said from there.

I got to the point where I became tired of making concessions of being part of the “hearing” world when the hearing world seems to not to make any efforts towards my world. Then I realized ~ If I am not saying or sharing anything about my frustrations, how would they know? It is my fault.

Speak up. Today. No more. I want full access. It is my right. It is yours too.

“It is more powerful to speak up than to silently resent.”

If there is an event, ask for an interpreter or CART service. If it is apparent that they do not have any experience in locating an interpreter or CART service; help them. They will appreciate it and you will benefit in the long run.

If there is a movie you want to go and see ~ you want captioning service. Demand that it works and it is at the time that works best for you. It is your hard earned money and your right to enjoy the movie-going pleasures that everyone else has. I love going to movies, but it is no fun not getting anything out of it.

When we all start speaking up, there is power in numbers. Think about that. Then, they cannot ignore us.

Speak up.

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