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Note to self – don’t burn the pot.

Ever have those mornings where you just have a lot on your mind, so many to-do’s that you want to check off? That was my morning today. I wanted to make my breakfast consisting of steel-cut oats and raspberries. Then I made the mistake of going to my desk to catch up on Chattahoochee campus emails to see if any students turned in any of their works for grading from last night.

The next thing I knew, I was smelling something starting to burn. I had burned up all the boiling water.

So much for breakfast. I had a granola bar instead. It is now lunch time.

This time I am going to have my steel-cut oats for lunch. This time I am going to walk away from my desk.

Here’s an article from Fast Company on why it is important to take a lunch break – all the good reasons. 🙂

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