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We All Will Become Disabled At Some Point

Quote from Scott Hamilton, The Only Disability in Life is A Bad Attitude. Think about it. We do or will eventually become disabled. Disability is a funny word. It can apply to temporary, episodic, or permanent forms of disability.

Surely – if you are color blind, that is considered a disability or an impairment. You wear glasses – an impairment. You have "lazy eye" and to "heal it," you need to wear an eyepatch. You are disabled . . . temporarily. When we all get older, we tend to get cataracts. If we don't get treatment, our vision is impaired.

Certain medications can cause impairments. Tremors in the arms and hands as an example. Some of those tremors make it challenging to write or even move a mouse.

What do I mean by episodic forms of impairment or disability? Examples include epilepsy, asthma, diabetes, migraines and bipolar disorder as well as schizophrenia. There are few more, but episodic disability is defined as long-term conditions that are characterized by periods of good health interrupted by periods of illness or disability. These periods may vary in length and predictability from one person to another.

Even cancer is considered an episodic form of disability . . .


"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." ~ Scott Hamilton


So, why do we have ableism? Why do some bemoan that it cost so much money or effort when it comes to the topic of accessibility?

We're all going to grow old. It's like taxes and death. We may break a wrist, arm, leg, or hip at some point in our lives. Then we're going to wonder how we're going to make do with a cast, cane or crutches. We're going to get cataracts and wonder how we're going to see on the computer . . . Or on our smartphone.

The Internet and its contents is to be universal – for everyone, everywhere and any place, anytime and at any stage of anyone's life.

Let’s not equate “accessibility” to permanent disability.

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