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My Superpower is within my mighty hands and all-seeing eyes.

Painting by Deaf Artist, Nancy Rourke

Painting by Deaf Artist, Nancy Rourke

We all have superpowers. I believe that. It is a matter of discovering what they are.  I think I am pretty cool because of my superpowers.

In my right hear I have a bionic ear. Yes I do. Every morning I put it in, so I can hear some cool sounds. For example, when I go to the YMCA to work out. I have my iphone and am ready to do my fast walk around the court, I just select my workout track and at once it plays directly into my right ear. None of those annoying wires that everyone has going directly into my ears to play music! Nothing like listening “Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran to start. Granted, it does bring me undesirable sounds such as hearing my dog eat her food if I happen to be nearby. That awful crunching sound that comes from her chewing her food. Ugh! However, all I have to do is walk away to get away from that sound. Yes!

I will admit those bionic ears have come a long way since its inception. Their advancements have continued to bring new sounds that I continue to learn and interpret differently. I am often amazed how you humans have to put up with some of the sounds that surround you daily. Like the boop boop noise of the turn signal of your car. That is annoying. But alas I realize that noise has its purpose. Every noise has its purpose. Some sounds I will never hear such as the bee buzzing but I certainly can appreciate seeing its wings as it goes by me without stinging!

At night I take it out and get a blissful sleep. I am aware how many of you wishes they could get that – a night without noises. I am lucky to have that ability.

But I want to share with you about my mighty hands and all-seeing eyes.

First, I will start with my eyes. Oh yes, my eyes. I can see things a lot better than most people.  For example, I can tell far away if someone is sad or happy or even angry. You don’t even have to say anything. All I have to do is look at you. Boom! I would pretty much know what is going on without you having to say anything. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Most people are not good at that. You would have to tell them to let them know how you’re feeling.

I love looking at things and reading. Why? The amazing details in colors, pictures, art, textures and words are beautiful. They move me to tears, joy and awe. We live in an amazing world of beauty. It is probably why I am an artist and reader. I am also a lover of poetry.

My favorite pastime right now is riding on motorcycle with my husband through Chattahoochee National Forest here in the lovely state of Georgia. The amazing colors and textures that I see in nature, even the smells of wild honeysuckle right now is wonderful during spring. Magnolias have not sprung yet. Those are one of my favorites. The dogwoods have bloomed. Have you heard the legend of dogwoods? It was shared with me while my husband and I were visiting Wormslow Plantation in Savannah, Georgia. Dogwood is a small understory tree. The flower of dogwood has four petals which makes the shape of a cross. The center of the flower resembles the crown of thorns with bright red, clustered fruit in the center representing the blood of Christ. The dogwood blooms in April.

Another thing about my all-seeing eyes I can see things from the farthest corners of my eyes – almost to the back of my eyes. Oh yes. Little ones are often amazed at my ability to catch them at things when they thought they weren’t being watched.

Now my hands. Unfortunately, currently in my world, I am not given the ability to use them very much. They are too powerful. But my hands, when I do use them, they are my next superpower – they are beautiful in their expression.

My hands were made and wonderfully made to sing, talk and express myself in special language. If you were to watch my hands, you would know exactly how I feel and think. There is no ways about it.

My hands and arms become transformed into a ballet of language. The movement of my arms, hands, and fingers combined with my face and body to communicate. My hands or fingers tap, twist or even twirl high or low into the air around my body. The energy that come forth from my movements expresses the power of emotions that can be identified as love, anger, disappointment and even joy.

People can be brought to tears or joy just by my superpower of my arms and hands.

That is why I love my hands and arms. My eyes and my bionic ear. My superpowers. I am wonderfully made. So is everyone else.

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