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Virtual Personal Assistant Service Provider for Professional Women Speakers and Coaches

Virtual Personal Assistant Services for Professional Speakers and Coaches

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Integrated Digital Marketing and Other Services

  • Marketing

    Assist with your social media and outbound email communications

  • Design

    Website and Graphic Design Services including powerpoint presentations

  • Content

    Assist with your editorial calendar to manage your blogs, or research for whitepapers

Christine Laikind
  • Technical

    Assist with your website maintenance to keep it secure and up to date. 

  • Admin

    Administrative Services including research, invoicing, responding to emails and client care. 

  • Speaker

    I am available to speak or consult about Accessibility and Inclusion

My mission is to collaborate and assist professional women speakers and coaches with their digital presence and activities. My areas of support include designing and maintaining websites, landing pages, outbound email marketing, and social media so that you can spend more time focusing on what you love doing and are good at.

As a former marketing executive, you can tap my previous experience in event marketing and management such as trade shows, webinars, marketing strategy, and content development.

As a previous business owner and current entrepreneur, I know what it is like to run a business.

That is why I am the perfect person to be part of your team, whether you have realized you cannot do it all alone, or you are just starting out.

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Let’s talk about the “elephant” in the room.

By Christine

When someone talks about the ‘elephant’ in the room, they are referring to a topic or problem that no one wants to discuss. I am going to put one out there because it needs to be discussed. I did not earn the nickname, “Troublemaker” for nothing.  Anyways, this is something that I have had to…

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PowerPoint Presentation or Not?

By Christine

Do I need it to make my point? Happy Friday! My thoughts twirl around the upcoming presentation I have in September. I will be speaking to a group of small businesses about digital accessibility. I am debating on whether or not to have a PowerPoint presentation. Everything I want to say and share I know…

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Just How Open Is Your Door?

By Christine

You have heard the saying, “My door is always open.”  When I had my brick and mortar retail in downtown Rochester, Michigan, I had a front and back door. I believed in having the doors open. (weather permitting, of course) It was an open invitation to everyone that walked on the sidewalks to come in to…

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Together We Can Do So Much!

By Christine

Accessibility and Inclusion. Why do I put those two words together? I talk, tweet and post mostly about web accessibility. That is my topic of knowledge and passion. I am not speaking just on my behalf as a deaf person. I am also championing on behalf of others –  the aging demographics, episodic and temporarily…

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My Superpower is within my mighty hands and all-seeing eyes.

By Christine

We all have superpowers. I believe that. It is a matter of discovering what they are.  I think I am pretty cool because of my superpowers. In my right hear I have a bionic ear. Yes I do. Every morning I put it in, so I can hear some cool sounds. For example, when I…

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We All Will Become Disabled At Some Point

By Christine

Think about it. We do or will eventually become disabled. Disability is a funny word. It can apply to temporary, episodic, or permanent forms of disability. Surely – if you are color blind, that is considered a disability or an impairment. You wear glasses – an impairment. You have “lazy eye” and to “heal it,”…

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Make it Easy: Online Jobs

By Christine

Your website may be preventing potential job applicants from applying. The unemployment rate this past February was at 4.1% with an estimated 313,000 jobs added. (source – Adecco – Job Market Update, 3/16/2018) This is the most jobs added since July of 2016. This also means talent is becoming harder for companies to find. However…

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My Story: Why am I talking about My Disability Now?

By Christine

There are some words I don’t like. Abelism. Can’t. Disabled. As a matter of fact, I have a whole list of words that I don’t like but I have listed the top three. But why am I now sharing and posting that I am a deaf speaker at the upcoming Wordcamp Atlanta? No, I am…

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I’ll say it like it is.

By Christine

My journey here has not been easy. But I would not trade it for anything. It certainly has been an interesting one. I have learned a lot along the way. I have learned quite about myself, about my husband whom I have been married to for 31 years. We’re looking forward to the next 31…

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Note to self – don’t burn the pot.

By Christine

Ever have those mornings where you just have a lot on your mind, so many to-do’s that you want to check off? That was my morning today. I wanted to make my breakfast consisting of steel-cut oats and raspberries. Then I made the mistake of going to my desk to catch up on Chattahoochee campus emails…

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Wordcamp Denver 2018 Speaker about web accessibility.

Presented at 2018 Wordcamp Atlanta this year ~ "Making the Case for Accessibility.(on the internet)"

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