I am a marketing and business strategy expert with an MBA and 15 years of experience in both B2B and B2C.

I have owned three businesses; two were brick and mortar businesses and one was virtual. Sold two and closed one. 

I am currently a Director of Client Services for a small Ecommerce agency and am also guiding startups and established DTC firms  as well on a variety of strategic challenges. I am a proven professional at driving results in these 4 ways: 

  1. Marketing- It is not enough to just "go digital". I can help you with digital and traditional marketing.  
  2. Customer Journey Mapping- Every customer touch point can make a difference to your business. Let's map the experience and I guarantee we will learn a lot more about your customers and find enhancements. 
  3. Start Up Coaching- Defining business strategy and market opportunity are just the beginning. Need to figure out how to get started or take the next step? Let's roll up our sleeves! 
  4. Product Repositioning- Not sure of your competitive advantage on existing products? I can identify your true opportunity

Please feel free to contact me

I can assess your marketing and your strategy and help you achieve faster growth.

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