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Just How Open Is Your Door?

You have heard the saying, “My door is always open.”  When I had my brick and mortar retail in downtown Rochester, Michigan, I had a front and back door. I believed in having the doors open. (weather permitting, of course) It was an open invitation to everyone that walked on the sidewalks to come in…

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Together We Can Do So Much!

Accessibility and Inclusion. Why do I put those two words together? I talk, tweet and post mostly about web accessibility. That is my topic of knowledge and passion. I am not speaking just on my behalf as a deaf person. I am also championing on behalf of others –  the aging demographics, episodic and temporarily…

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We All Will Become Disabled At Some Point

Think about it. We do or will eventually become disabled. Disability is a funny word. It can apply to temporary, episodic, or permanent forms of disability. Surely – if you are color blind, that is considered a disability or an impairment. You wear glasses – an impairment. You have “lazy eye” and to “heal it,”…

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Make it Easy: Online Jobs

Your website may be preventing potential job applicants from applying. The unemployment rate this past February was at 4.1% with an estimated 313,000 jobs added. (source – Adecco – Job Market Update, 3/16/2018) This is the most jobs added since July of 2016. This also means talent is becoming harder for companies to find. However…

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My Story: Why am I talking about My Disability Now?

There are some words I don’t like. Abelism. Can’t. Disabled. As a matter of fact, I have a whole list of words that I don’t like but I have listed the top three. But why am I now sharing and posting that I am a deaf speaker at the upcoming Wordcamp Atlanta? No, I am…

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