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What is the process?

What happens when I hit the “Let’s Get Started” button? It takes you to the payment button. 

The Basic Package is at $3500. 

What happens after payment is received? 

It takes us – you and our team two to three weeks to accomplish everything we’ve outlined in this package, which is listed below:


Step 1: You are contacted:

Once we receive payment, you will receive an email receipt of your payment, followed with single form that will ask a series of questions – one of them, for example, will be the following: 1)  what is your business name. 

Step 2: Logo Design Step

Once we have received your completed form, you will be contacted by one of us to begin the next steps which will be your logo design. You will be presented three rough concepts to select from. You are allowed one reiteration. One will be chosen as your final logo. Your final logo will be presented to you in the following formats: svg, ai, jpg, and png. We will also set up and we will print 500 business cards for you and have them shipped to your address. 

While your logo is being designed, your business name will be searched for domain name availability. Once that has been done, you will be contacted by us for update and availability. We will register the domain for you under your name, business name, and mailing address. This domain name is what we will use to host and launch your landing page. 

Step 3: Landing Page Step

Once the logo design is finalized, we will go to the next step which is designing your landing page. You will receive another form to answer questions regarding your landing page. Your completed form will guide the designer to design your landing page. Our designer uses Figma to design the landing page. We will not build your landing page without your approval of the design. Your landing page will be mobile responsive. You will be responsible for providing us assets – i.e. content, photos, and/or videos that you would like to have on the landing page. The videos must be hosted on vimeo, not on youtube. The photos can come from stock photography with credit provided to us, or they can be done by a professional photographer. If you need assistance with content, we can provide a copywriting service for an additional fee of $750. 

Once the design of the landing page is signed off, we will build and set up your landing page on our privately hosted server. We will build your landing page using WordPress. Here is the link about our privately hosted server and service plans. As part of your package, your landing page is hosted with us for one year for free. After one year, you can decide your next steps or transfer your landing page to another hosting company. 

Step four: Social Media Channels Step

While your landing page is being built, we will set up your social media channels and your My Google Business profile with your logo. You will be asked what social media channels you would like your business to be on in the landing page form. If you would like our guidance or coaching on this matter, we would encourage you to consider enrolling the pro or elite package. 

Step five: Training and Handoff

Once your landing page is completely built, you will see it before it goes live. At this stage, you will be contacted to schedule a time to receive training on your landing page. At your scheduled one-hour training appointment, you will receive an overview of your landing page, how you can login, and how you can make updates to the content. We will also answer any other questions you may have regarding your My Google Business profile and your social media profile. Your handoff documentation will include login information, and how- to-steps for your landing page. 

Why would this take two or three weeks?

We have a process. You are part of the process. We are part of the process. The process depends on people following the procedures of the process. Things happen. People get sick, distracted by emergencies, have other obligations, or whatever that may take people off the process to complete the tasks on the timeline. 

Can I get a refund?

Yes, we will offer a full refund if we do not complete all of our work in 15 working days. (we do not work weekends) That is, if everyone follows the procedures and process in the timeline accordingly. All the forms are completed, sign offs are completed, meetings are scheduled in timely manner and all assets are received in timely manner. And after all that, if you do not receive your logo, your business cards, your landing page, your two social media channels, your google my business page set up and your one hour training within the 15 working days from the time we receive your first completed form, then we will refund your $3500.  However, we cannot be responsible if parties become ill with COVID-related illness, weather related emergencies, or traumatic personal emergencies such as death in the family. 

What if it takes longer than three weeks?

We will endeavor to complete our work together to the best of our abilities and to your satisfaction in the shortest amount of time. For the basic package, our process ensures we can complete this within three weeks or 15 working days. (we do not work weekends.)

Can you take a payment plan?

No unfortunately not with the basic startup package. Why? Because we offer a full refund if we do not complete everything in 15 working days. Our pro or elite startup packages offer payment plans.