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Do you know where your customers are these days?

Many of your customers spend a large part of their connected time in chat apps. How do we know? Well, 2 Billion people now use chat apps. It's likely that some of these 2 Billion are your potential customers.

Chat apps exploded with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and they’ve been around a long time. People are used to interacting with friends and businesses on chat apps.


What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are essentially a set of automated rules that interact with people on chat. Chatbots leverage the power of software and increasingly, AI, to reduce the human workload on business areas such as customer service and technical support. Bots can also act as a sort of instant Frequently Asked Questions answer machine. Or they can serve up suggestions and help the user make a purchasing decision.

Messaging apps are one of the fastest growing platforms for digital marketing. If your business wants to stay ahead, consider implementing a chatbot. They can be very powerful for communicating with your customers over messaging apps and website chat. Just as the first companies to adopt websites in the 90s were soon leaving their competitors far behind, the early adopters of chatbots will be rewarded as the market matures. As more and more people get accustomed to interacting with an intelligent bot, bot-less businesses will look outdated and out of touch.

Chatbot Benefits

Do you know what kind of features and benefits you could implement with chatbot technology?

Here's a quick list:

  • Coupon marketing.
  • Guide customers to products that they are more likely to buy.
  • Quizzes to generate leads and interest.
  • Improve conversions by helping customers when they most need it.
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Review prospector
  • Save on expensive resources & time
  • Delight your customers
  • Generate faster leads
  • Offer 24-hour customer support
  • Make it easier to communicate with and market to your customers
  • Take payments directly with your bot

We Build Chatbots

We're a Virtual Digital Marketing Agency with a built-in chatbot agency.

We take care of everything so you can focus on converting leads into customers and building your business.

Prefer the Do-It-Yourself Option?

We're all about giving value here at SCS Digital Marketing and while we'd love to help you build a bot, we understand that some businesses would like to try one out first. In that case, we highly recommend the following products to get started:

Continually – The best chatbot builder in terms of onboarding, ease of use, features, and user interface.

Manychat – A very capable all-round chatbot that uses Facebook's messenger technology

What Is A Chatbot Development Agency like SCS Digital Marketing?

A chatbot agency is one that takes performs a number of functions for you, the customer:

  1. Takes the pain out of learning a new platform.
  2. Applies experience and skill to create customized chatbots that not only follow best practices but perform better than those created by amateur bot builders.
  3. Chatbots work on an ever-increasing number of platforms. The most important thing to know is where your customers spend their time. If this is something you’re not sure about, we can help you discover your target platform. But there’s no reason why you can’t cover more than one, or most major platforms, with one solution.

Chatbot Use Cases

Below are some examples of how chatbots can help your business.

Product launch bot

Ideally used with a messenger app like Facebook messenger. Potential customers sign up to the bot (on a landing page like this one) and give their email addresses. The bot sends regular updates about the product delivery time, progress, and new features. Users also receive a notification and invitation to try out the product once it’s available. Access could even be limited to bot users only, creating a level of exclusivity.

The product owners get almost instant access to potential users through the Facebook Messenger interface and they also receive their email addresses for future email marketing purposes.

ChatBots for Restaurants

Clever use cases for restaurant chatbots include checking a schedule to see if there’s availability, answering typical questions about opening hours, delivering photos of menu items, suggesting meals and times, offering discounts, review funnels, and reminding customers about their upcoming reservation, and of course, taking reservations.

Ecommerce store chatbot

Heard of conversational commerce?

Just like a real conversation between two people, Conversational Commerce is the automation of the interaction between customers and brands via chat.

Chatbots fit perfectly into this idea because they can help a potential client and add value to customers through automated rules. The common questions that your customers ask can be easily answered in the chat by your bot.

Asking for reviews after your purchase is made very easy thanks to chat technology. Instead of sending a cold email (which might get ignored or end up in the spam folder), chatbots communicate directly with the customer and remove all the points of friction. In many cases, the chatbot gives the prompts and the user merely clicks a button to leave a review.

People understand that they are interacting with a bot but it feels more “human” than interacting with a cold website.

And as mobile usage grows, people are used to purchasing online. Typing long sentences, filling out forms, and searching is still difficult on mobile devices. Where the chatbot shines is its ability to lead and direct users around the site. Bots can suggest products, offer choices, take preferences, take contact details, and take payments.

Chatbots are a huge opportunity for e-commerce businesses. Don’t miss out!

Event Intelligent Chat

For event managers that know their upcoming event will generate a lot of customers questions, a chatbot is a great way to funnel people to the right solution. Be it the payment button, the contact page, the event parking information, or the speaker list. By grabbing a user’s attention as soon as they enter your page you can find out immediately what they are looking for just by asking.

Here's an example.

Give visitors a couple of broad topics to start them off:

Hi, Are you looking for 1. information about the event, 2. For ticket sales, 3. Contact information?

The user types 1. And the follow-up question could be:

Great. Let’s see how we can help. Did you want information about the speakers, parking arrangements, ticket prices, location, or something else?

The something else is where the bot hands off to a human or a contact form.

Where you save time is in answering common questions, like “where is the event on and at what time?”. Of course, this information should be on your website, but when a user lands directly on your homepage, they aren’t aware of this.

For events, it's easy to take payments directly in the app via the chatbot. This saves the customer filling out forms and finding payment options. With a Facebook messenger bot, contact and payment details are often readily available – the customer just needs to confirm.

Spa Lead Generation Tool

Once the user clicks Get Started or communicating with the bot (which features prominently on the website, or facebook page) the bot offers a free gift. An example would be the chance to win 3 free massage sessions. Or a big discount on beauty treatments. Discounts could even be offers to anyone that gives their email address, phone number, and connects with the chatbot.

Remember that the customer does not have to type their email and phone number as the messenger platform can provide a clickable button with the information pre-populated. This removes the friction and generates more leads.

Offering a better chance to win, or the potential to win more prizes is a great way to have customers spread the word. Letting the customer know that they have 5 more entries into the competition if they share with 5 friends adds a viral element to your campaign.

Again, the friction is removed as the entire lead generation magnet is packaged into a clickable button. All the user has to do is click “share”

Are you ready for your chatbot? Let's get started! 

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