Know your customer with journey mapping

Customer journey mapping can give you and your team at your Ecommerce organization incredible insights into customer problems, needs, and obstacles. It can also drive your every business, marketing, and UX decision.

Main benefits:

You probably asked yourself these questions:

  • What thought process do your customers have? 
  • What steps do your customers take? 
  • What problems do customers stumble upon? 
  • When do your customers stumble upon the issue? 
  • What else can you offer to your customers? 
  • What causes them to drop out of the purchase? 
  • Define touchpoints across a multichannel or omnichannel journey.

Those are basic questions, but they are very hard to know without a customer-oriented approach and extensive research.

Should you consider creating a customer journey mapping for your Ecommerce store? (Read Why Customer Journey Mapping Is So Important)

If you think that you know your customers, you might be right. The question is, how deeply do you know your customers?

Without more profound knowledge of your customers, you will not have the data necessary to see if your goals and customer journey align. Lack of alignment leads to lower conversion rates, lower AOV, lower subscribe rate or high churn rate.  

Journey mapping can also provide you with new opportunities to analyze and create a new target audience/persona. Having more precise insight allows you to grab the attention and possibly change your base customer group to a new audience.

With these benefits, you will be more oriented towards a customer-focused approach, which is much easier to implement on a large scale than conventional methods.

What exactly will you get with a customer journey?

The customer journey will provide you with insights into how your Ecommerce store, its automations, and its technology stack performs from your customers' perspective. The customer journey will also enable you to develop new ideas from insights you will receive.

We will present findings and data in understandable visual representation.

The report covers the following: 

  • Steps of your customers through their journey 
  • Research and testing data collection 
  • Activity, Customer goals, touchpoints, experience, KPI, the business goal for different stages 
  • How to proceed with the customer journey in the future

We will set up a time where we go over the audit findings to start a conversation with your team that lasts long after our engagement ends.

How much does the customer journey cost?

The pricing starts at $4,800 and depends on the complexity and number of platforms. 

How long does customer journey mapping take?

The customer journey mapping will take about three weeks to develop, and during its creation, your team can focus on performing other tasks. Once we complete the customer journey, your team will be able to make decisions based on priority, resources, and bandwidth. 

Contact us to begin the process or to learn more about our customer journey mapping process and service.

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