No one wants to fail.

According to U.S. Bank, 78% of small businesses fail because they lack a well-developed business and marketing plan.

Too many business owners don’t have the time, marketing expertise or analytic skills needed to develop an integrated marketing plan that leads to successful growth.

So they often pick a single marketing tactic based on “their gut”, or pick the same tactic that worked for a colleague in a different industry.

The end result is often disappointment: a new website that doesn’t help as much as your gut “thought”, a direct mail campaign less successful at lead generation than your colleague’s, and so on.

Worse, even if it was a reasonable effort to employ and implement a singular tactic by a competent agency, it is a recipe for failure. Each marketing tactic has its own strengths, weaknesses, costs and benefits, which an intelligent, coordinated, integrated strategy can weave together in a whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Integrating marketing tactics into an orchestrated marketing plan leads to success. Single-tactic agencies understand this, but their business model doesn’t allow for an integrated approach. For example, ad agencies know that an ad campaign supported by quality web content (two tactics at once) is more cost effective than a solo ad campaign (only one tactic).

Yet most ad agencies won’t recommend you improve your website as an element of their ad program because:
(1) they don’t develop websites and,
(2) they don’t want you to spend 6-months working with a website developer before they can begin their work.

An effective marketing plan should coordinate and integrate a variety of complimentary tactics (e.g., ads and websites in sync to increase the ad conversion rate, sharing knowledge of keywords that work well in advertising with a site’s and blog’s copywriters to improve page rank, and so on).

Your Success is Our Success: Let’s Put One Together! 

Our Accelerator Blueprint will set you in the right direction for growth. No more flying by the seat of your pants, or going with your gut. Led by an experienced CMO, the Accelerator Blueprint is a step-by-step process that will allow us to do a deep dive into your business,  your ideal customer profile, and their customer journey.  Often times, it leads to conversations about your key messages, positioning, pricing, and at the end, this blueprint delivers a marketing plan optimized for your budget and goals.

This is a collaborative analysis and effort putting together your business and marketing plan. We review the following:

  • Your Business Goals, Brand, and Competitive Advantages
  • Your Ideal Customers, Competitors, and Partners
  • Current Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Programs
  • Metrics and Budget

During our discussions, we often address:

  • Adjusting your business and marketing plan
  • Repositioning your company for improved growth
  • Devising a go-to-market strategy for new product or service
  • Designing and launching a new line of business to increase recurring revenue

Our Accelerator Blueprint Deliverables

At the end of our Accelerator Blueprint workshop, you will receive the following:

A completed handbook that will include:

  1. Your business plan with goals
  2. Your ideal customer profiles
  3. A marketing plan that will include
  4. Content marketing strategy
  5. Marketing strategy with tactics, broken down month by month
  6. Marketing budget
  7. Marketing KPI’s to track and measure

Once you have your completed Accelerator Blueprint Handbook you have the option to execute the plan yourself or you can continue the relationship with SCS Digital Marketing and allow us to execute the growth program for you. We will manage the team of experts to ensure the smooth implementation of the agreed upon marketing strategy. If you choose to continue with us, we will provide the proposal to put our recommended services in place and manage them for one year. We will also schedule our check-ins and quarterly reviews since conditions may change over the course of the year.

Our Accelerator Blueprint workshop is offered as one-day (8 hours) onsite workshop or as a five-day virtual workshop.

To learn more about our process and to book your Accelerator Blueprint workshop, contact us today.

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