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Where to start? Right?

Many of us attempted to pivot as fast as we could. Many of us were (or are still) running a hundred miles a minute and haven’t stopped.


We need to look at next year starting now. What do we look at?

Your customers are still the same.

Your business is still the same. BUT what may have changed is how you’re doing business.

DOING is the operative word.


How are you doing? If you have “pivoted” – changed the way you are doing business, how is it going? Is there anything you can improve on? Anything you would ditch? Yes, the one thing that is changed is that we will no long keep things that don’t work. We do not have time for that anymore. Nor can we afford to.


This is the time to do an assessment. You’ve got six months of information.

Take a long weekend. Breathe.

Think. Analyze.


Then come back and start planning for 2021.


That is what I am doing, starting next weekend. Got a small plain notebook to start with.

How about you? Are you in?


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*The photo is Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. It’s lovely in the Fall.