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What does SCS stand for?

Strategic and Creative Solutions. Every client of ours we treat as our valued customer – someone we hope will be our esteemed friends for long time. We want to grow with them, be part of their journey where ever they are at. Whether you’ve been at it for a long time or if you’re starting out, we’ve got tons of ideas with an eye on the big picture.


What is Digital Marketing?

Good question. Digital Marketing. Traditional marketing. Then there’s inbound marketing. Outbound marketing. It all seems so confusing.  I like to try to keep things simple, if it is at all possible. In digital marketing – we have different channels. What do I mean by that? That could mean digital devices such as desktop, smartphones, digital platforms like Facebook, and Instagram, digital media that includes paid per click advertising, email and search engines and digital technology like mobile apps. Then there’s digital data where we collect and analyze information about our audience and their interactions. So, what is digital marketing? “SCS Digital Marketing collaborates with their clients in helping them achieve their business and marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.” In other words, our strategies include ways to increase brand awareness, acquire and retain the right clients through the website, social media and other digital channels that may include email marketing, search engine optimization, and ppc. All of which leads towards the goal of generating more sales, revenue and profits for the client.


Do you do traditional marketing?

Yes we do. We can design and place print ads in publications, direct mailings, brochures and press kits.


Why is your organization virtual? What is the benefit?  

Well, technology is a beautiful thing. I am sure you can agree that Internet and other advancements in technology has provided the ability of people to connect and work from anywhere. The easy access to information and services allows digital agencies to redefine the concept of work. Online access to management systems, voice over IP, instant messaging, video calls are just a few of the tools that allow any of us to work from literally anywhere as long as there is Internet.

How does it benefit you – the client?

You’re working with talented people – people who are tapped for their key strengths.

You’re getting people who are highly productive, thus work can be delivered in shorter time frames. There’s also a different mindset among us. You’ll notice that we’re rarely sick, rarely down, and we’re pretty upbeat because we’re not dealing with office politics, traffic, and we pretty much control our interruptions.

That leads to better customer service and customer satisfaction.

What is in it for us? Flexibility. Low overhead. Diversity. New challenges thus leads to more creativity. We think being virtual is a win-win for everyone. But we also recognize that it is not for everyone. If you love conference rooms, in person meetings, and whiteboards, then we’re not for you.


Why are some websites so . . . expensive and some so cheap?

I think if someone is worried about price, they are looking at it the wrong way. Remember the yellow pages? If you can remember the yellow pages – literally every business felt that they had to have an ad in the yellow pages. Their business would not succeed if they did not have an ad in THE BOOK. Those businesses saw it as an investment. It was a marketing investment to ensure that their business would grow. Even the smallest ad, which was a business card size in the Yellow Pages ran about an average $250 to $400 per month. A quarter sized ad was about an average $1250 a month. Nowadays hardly anyone runs an ad in the Yellow pages. Who looks up anything in the Yellow pages? Today, we use Google, Bing, Yahoo and even DuckDuckGo to find information on businesses. The question comes down to is this – as a business owner, what is your budget for digital marketing? Yes, there is a budget for digital marketing. What kind of strategy do you have in place to grow your client base? What channels are you going to be leveraging to acquire your ideal client? Your website is one channel. One part of the “digital marketing” strategy. If your budget is small and your website is the only channel you have – then you should be focusing on that channel to make sure it is being optimized and targeted at your ideal client.  Those are the right question to ask. If you need assistance – contact us.


What is this SEO Fully Hosted Custom Website Design? It seems like a mouthful.

Yes it is. SEO means search engine optimized. Fully hosted means that we host and maintain your website for you. Custom website design means that we have developed some standardized website designs that can be customized to your business.  The difference is that your website comes already optimized for search engines with the best practices of SEO implemented. Because we host and maintain your website, your backend will always be up to date and secure. An up to date and secure website aids in keeping your website high in search engine rankings and improved user experience.


What is the difference between sales funnel or landing page?

A landing page is a single webpage with only one specific call to action (cta). A funnel or sales funnel is made up of many web pages that directs or “funnels” a client or prospect towards his/her final decision. Each page in a funnel is an opportunity to sell additional products or services (upselling options for an example.)


Do I need a sales funnel?

Well, yes everyone should have a funnel. To put it simply – the goal of a funnel can be viewed as three major goals: turn website visitors into subscribers. Turn subscribers into customers. Turn customers into repeat customers.  A funnel can help grow your email list. Your email list can help turn them into a customer and then later into a repeat customer. If you do not have a funnel in place, contact SCS Digital marketing to discuss about implementing one for your business.


You say your business is Virtual. But where are you really?

Well, my office is in northern Georgia. Georgia is a large state – with mountains, oceans and farm lands. The Appalachian Mountains on the northside . . . where I reside is absolutely lovely. Then we have the salt marshes and the Atlantic Ocean. People think of Savannah and Tybee Island. Then there’s the middle. We also have Atlantic City. We’re quite diverse. The top five industries of Georgia include Agriculture, Film (yes, Film), Energy, Automotive and Tourism. We’re also growing in Technology, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, and Aerospace. There is quite a bit of growth in the southern states – not just in Georgia, but in the surrounding states. It is not in Florida, but in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. I think Alabama and Arkansas will be next in the next few years.


If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! Send email to hello at scs-digitalmarketing.com. We’d love to hear from you!