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Why the time to audit your business is now.

There is less than 90 days left in this quarter. Lovely thought. However, looking into the new quarter always gets me excited. Why? Because I get to dream, get filled up with new ideas and hope for the future.

I get this way by performing an audit. Say what? Yeah, yeah. Self-Analysis is not everyone’s bag, but it has to be done. Let’s talk about what a digital marketing audit is. You and Me.

Do you have a business plan? I hope you have one. I know most people roll their eyes or moan and groan when the words, business plan is uttered. Look – how would you know how your business is doing without one? A business plan is like a roadmap to where you want to go.

It really does not have to be this complicated, long and drawn out “bible-like” document.

If you don’t have one, send me an email -I’ll send you how to write a business plan in one day.

Back to the point: What is a digital marketing audit?

It is a review of everything you have been doing to establish and build up your online presence. That is the short definition.

It includes looking at your:

You’re probably wondering, is it best to have someone else on the outside to do it or should I do it myself? I say both. I believe it is best that the business owner learns how to look at their business themselves so that they can see the areas that need improvement. Then have someone else on the outside take a look as well to receive an outside perspective and feedback on their digital marketing efforts.


Reviewing your content, what to look for:

This is all of your content – content you send out – or on display. That means

Your youtube videos, your social media, your blogs,  your content on your website, your email (newsletter, email funnels), your landing pages – where ever you have “content.”


Reviewing Your Website, what to look for:


Reviewing Your Social Media, what to look for:


Reviewing your Email, what to look for:


Reviewing your SEO, what to look for:

You may want to try to find some SEO tools for this one. But first before you begin, write down what keywords, both short and long tail keywords you think people are using to find your website and the keywords that are dominant on your website. Maybe 5 what you think is on your website and 5 what you think people are using. Then perform your search.

Compare to what the reports show – specifically what keywords are dominant on your website and what your website is being ranked for.

Woorank would be one of the free resources that you may find helpful. It would provide you “content” analysis. Thus, giving you an insight of potential keywords that your website could be ranked for. It lets you know how many internal links and backlinks there are.

The other one is KWFinder from Mangools – sign up for their 10 day free trial to get maximum information on keywords for your content.

Again, if you’re connected with Google Analytics and to your Google Search Console, you can also gain insights there as well.

I usually perform searches, pretending to be “other people” to see how my page shows up on different browsers, Chrome, Bing, Firefox or Safari. My goal is to be either in the top five or on the first page based on certain keywords. That should be yours.


Top WordPress Resources:

If you’re a newbie in WordPress, I recommend visiting Kori Ashton, of Ask Kori.com – youtube channel. She does new tutorials every Monday and Wednesday.  Check out her “Wordpress for Beginners Playlist”.

If you’re looking to learn more about E-mail Marketing, sign up for my online E-mail Marketing Masterclass, enroll by November 6, you’ll save $32. Course begins November 13, 2019. This is in-depth online course on e-mail marketing, covering range of topics from subject headers, lead nurturing, and more. There are 13 modules and you get to be part of a private Facebook Group for questions, tips and support.


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