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Marketing Support Services

I provide assistance in both traditional and digital marketing activities

My strength lies in marketing services. I have experience in developing business and marketing plans.

However, I do provide the following marketing services:

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Social Media Marketing & Management Services

You just don't have time with social media? Or you just not sure how it all works? You do know that social media is important, but you just don't have time to devote to it?

That is where I come in. 

After Google, Facebook is the next place people search for businesses. That means two very important things for your business or product: you may be missing potential customers on Facebook and an out of date page may (falsely) present your business as inactive or barely surviving.

Active social media pages are incredible resources for showing off a thriving business. SCS Digital Marketing can:

  • Launch social media pages
  • Relaunch social media pages
  • Develop strategy for engagement for search engine optimization
  • Select and maintain the best networks for your business
  • Write content for social media pages
  • Manage posting, scheduling and fan responses
  • Teach staff how to manage social media pages

Remember the last time you wrote a tweet or posted on Facebook? If you don't remember - give SCS Digital Marketing a call or contact me!

Implementing social media strategy with clear objectives and measurable goals - I can help with that.

Social Media Services: I can design and set up your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, GooglePlus and LinkedIn profile pages. I also offer Social Pay Per Click Management services, by implementing social ads to promote your company, products or services through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest content. I provide social media monitoring services to ensure what is being said about your company, products or services is positive!

Full-outsourced Email Marketing Services

SCS Digital Marketing provides full-outsourced email marketing services

This includes:

  • Email campaign strategy
  • Email campaign design and layout
  • Email content creation and sub editing
  • Email campaign testing
  • Email campaign implementation
  • Email campaign review and analysis

Full outsourced email marketing / email newsletter campaigns usually include:

  • Campaign consulting
  • Html layout, design and optimization.
  • Database upload and configuration.
  • Campaign testing.
  • Campaign distribution.
  • Campaign tracking, reporting and review.

Why Outsource Email Marketing Services?

  • Spend more time on core business activities
  • Run effective email marketing activities with measurable results
  • Lower cost in comparison to the cost of a full-time sales team

What I can do:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns– I will prepare and design the campaign, create the content, edit and use appropriate images. The email marketing campaign will be tested first, progress will be monitored continuously and a detailed report of all opens, bounce-backs, and opt-outs will be generated.
  • Newsletters– I will create the newsletter’s template according to your specifications and make sure it’s distributed at the specified time to your current or potential customers. I will monitor subscriptions and prepare a detailed report of all opens, bounce-backs, and opt-outs.

What I have worked with:

  • Mailchimp
  • Active Campaign
  • Infusionsoft

Search Engine Optimization Services

Today Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important component of building a successful online web presence.

SEO is part art and part science. Finding an affordable small business SEO service can even be a challenge as there are no quick fixes or one size fits all solutions.

From choosing the right target keywords to setting up the information architecture of your website, every aspect of a comprehensive SEO strategy adds up to more than just the sum of its parts. SCS Digital Marketing understands that and I’m here to help you understand that as well.

At SCS Digital Marketing, I have strived to keep up with the paces of SEO and the digital world, from the importance of on-page content and blogging, to digital marketing, to social media, I understand the requirements and impact of the many aspects of an online presence.

I offer our Web Site Audit services. I charge $125 to perform a website audit. This service provides a good starting point for getting a good view of the complete web presence of your business.

What I provide is what we call “website optimization” which is an essential process that plays a vital role in having your customers find you while looking on search engines.  As website designers, we believe in keeping “search engine optimization” in mind as part of the process. For example, I design for text (not a whole lot of graphics because search engines can’t read graphics) and file names will make sense, such as for a bakery with an image of a chocolate cupcake, that image will be labeled “chocolate_cupcake.jpg” rather than IMG001.jpg.  We offer “packages” – email for our SEO packages.

On-Page Optimization Services

On-Page SEO is performed with the goal of making your website more search engine friendly. By performing On-Page SEO, we are able to tell the Search Engines exactly what your website is about. Performing this task correctly will allow Search Engines to provide your websites pages more often within it’s search results. This, in turn, will drive more targeted traffic to your Online Business.

  • Included in your On-Page Optimization;
  • Insertion of Correct Meta Description (Free when we design your website)
  • Insertion of Correct Meta Title (Free when we design your website)
  • Insertion of Meta Data (Paid Service)
  • Insertion of Social Media Icons – Google+, Twitter & Facebook – (Free when we design your website , if you have those pages at the time)
  • Insure Search Engine Friendliness (Free when we design your website)
  • Registration of your website with Google, Bing and Yahoo (Paid Service)
  • Optimization of 1 to 4 Keyword Phrases Per Page (Paid Service)
  • Focus Google Upon Your Key Products / Services (Paid Service)
  • Google Geo Location – To Attract Local Searches (Paid Service)

SEO Services that I implement as part of my web site design and development services for FREE:

Page Title Optimization and Meta Data – Titles are written on every page of the website to match the keyword map and reinforce the various keywords being targeted. Additionally, every page receives customized “description” and “keywords” tags. These tags are invisible to the website visitor, but they define the website for the search engines.

Internal Links and Site Map – To better indicate to search engine spiders what the website is all about, we create internal links and footer links with the most important keywords. A site map is included to reinforce the links and keywords.

HTML Optimization – Recognized best practices are used in the HTML coding of the website: search engine-friendly code and URLs (page names), ALT tags on images, and H1 tags to denote “topics”. Even graphics are named with keyword phrases.

Search Engine Submission and Inclusion Phase – After a website is created, we go through a “launch” phase to make sure we get your content out to your target audiences. Every website is submitted to Google Local and Bing and Yahoo! local directories so that your practice appears in the map applications of both websites. Depending on your level of service, the inclusion process is repeated monthly, quarterly, or yearly for maximum benefit and continuous ranking.

SEO Services that we offer for an additional fee:

Keyword Map and Selection – When a website goes into development, keywords relevant to the site and practice are carefully researched, and a detailed keyword map is created. This keyword map targets all relevant keyword combinations and markets – including specialty, treatments, procedures, and areas of interest – all specific to the client, city, surrounding cities and county.

Copywriting and Site Optimization – The keyword map is used to guide the writing of all website content (unlike other search engine optimization agencies that only focus on portions of the content.) All pages are optimized to achieve proper keyword density so search engines link the site to searches for those keywords and phrases.

In-Depth Search Engine Submission and Inclusion Phase – Every page of the website is submitted, where possible, to over 1,000 smaller directories and search engines. While these do not yield large traffic, they provide links to the website and help with overall visibility and link weight. Plus – every page of the website is hand submitted to Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and MSN/Live using Express Submit so they appear faster.

SCS Digital Marketing offers three SEO Packages – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Email for package rates.

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