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Email Marketing Services

Social media and E-mail Marketing Services

Social Media Services: I can design and set up your Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus and LinkedIn profile pages. I also offer Social Pay Per Click Management services, by implementing social ads to promote your company, products or services through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram or Pinterest content. I provide social media monitoring services to ensure what is being said about your company, products or services is positive!

Full-outsourced Email Marketing Services

SCS Digital Marketing provides full-outsourced email marketing services

This includes:

  • Email campaign strategy
  • Email campaign design and layout
  • Email content creation and sub editing
  • Email campaign testing
  • Email campaign implementation
  • Email campaign review and analysis

Full outsourced email marketing / email newsletter campaigns usually include:

  • Campaign consulting
  • Html layout, design and optimization.
  • Database upload and configuration.
  • Campaign testing.
  • Campaign distribution.
  • Campaign tracking, reporting and review.

Why Outsource Email Marketing Services?

  • Spend more time on core business activities
  • Run effective email marketing activities with measurable results
  • Lower cost in comparison to the cost of a full-time sales team

What I can do:

  • Email Marketing Campaigns– I will prepare and design the campaign, create the content, edit and use appropriate images. The email marketing campaign will be tested first, progress will be monitored continuously and a detailed report of all opens, bounce-backs, and opt-outs will be generated.
  • Newsletters– I will create the newsletter’s template according to your specifications and make sure it’s distributed at the specified time to your current or potential customers. I will monitor subscriptions and prepare a detailed report of all opens, bounce-backs, and opt-outs.


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