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Web Site Security Services

This keeps your website secure and up to date with its plugins and core.

Our relationship doesn’t have to be over after we finish designing your website. I like to have an ongoing relationship with our clients. Most of our business comes from existing web design clients. I can maintain your website while you focus on what you do best – your business.

Website security maintenance plan include services such as:

Premium Plus:

  1. Updating of WordPress core and all of your plugins
  2. 27/7 security monitoring - front and server side
  3. Daily cloud based off site backups - this is daily - not weekly, not monthly. Daily.
  4. Malware Cleanups included

    $99/ a month

Premium Basic:

  1. Updating of WordPress core and all of your plugins
  2. 27/7 security monitoring - front and server side
  3. weekly cloud based off site backups - this is once a week, usually on a Saturday.
  4. Malware Cleanups included

    $55/ a month


  1. Updating of WordPress core and all of your plugins
  2. 27/7 security monitoring - front and server side
  3. Once a month cloud based off site backups - this is once a month, at the end of the month
  4. Malware Cleanups are extra - charged at an hourly rate of $65/hour

    $35/ a month

We provide complete support for your WordPress WooCommerce eCommerce Store, covering:

  • Payment Gateway
  • SSL installs and support
  • WooCommerce Settings
  • Orders, Processing and Emails
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Up-selling premium content
  • Affiliate programs
  • All WooCommerce Extensions supported

      $75/ a month


A Forbes report from two years ago stated that every day 30,000 websites are hacked. At the present, cyber criminals have become even more specialized and malicious in their intent. By taking control of a website, they can use your domain name for criminal activities, or they can implement malicious codes to infect the computers or smartphones of the people browsing your website. In both cases, it doesn’t make you or your business look good. This can easily be avoided by having a company handle your website maintenance or you can do it in-house.

If your website isn’t user-friendly, why have a website at all? Updates to the software powering your website not only deals with security fixes but also add more useful features + make your website run smoother. Each time there is an update to the most popular browsers (such as Firefox and Chrome), or a new technology is released, plugin developers will update the software that powers your website to make sure it provides an optimal user experience!

You may not have considered it, but paying an affordable monthly rate for website maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. What if your website is hacked, or if something else goes wrong and your website goes offline? This not only makes you and your company look bad but it could also be costly to fix. It’s a much better approach to be proactive in doing all of your normal website maintenance / updates.

We’ve given you some great reasons on why to have a professional web design firm handle your updates/maintenance. It keeps your website safe from attacks, running smoothly, offering your clients an optimal browsing experience and, ultimately, saves you money! 

Web Site Content Maintenance Services

This is for those who are too busy, but know that their website needs continual updates of their content, links, files, blog posts, images, pricing updates, videos or podcasts - this is for you:

Four package options to choose from:

+ 1 update per quarter

+ 5 business day turnaround

+ 1 update per month

+ 3 business day turnaround

+2 updates per month

+ 3 business day turnaround

+4 updates a month

3 business day turnaround

What’s included:

  • Text – adding, updating, or deleting any text on your website
  • Images – adding, updating, resizing, cropping or deleting pictures on your website (provided by you)
  • Video – adding, updating, or deleting videos on your website (provided by you)
  • Podcasts – adding, or deleting podcssts on your website (provided by you)
  • Links – adding, updating or deleting links on your website
  • PDF or Word Files – adding, updating or deleting PDF or Word files on your website (provided by you)
  • Blog posts – creating new blog posts (content provided by you)

Flexible pricing. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.


I also offer Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Parking services.

What is "Domain Name Parking"? Domain parking refers to the registration of an internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may have been done with a view to reserving the domain name for future development, and to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting.

Domain Registration Services

I provide private domain registration services for the following domain endings. You can register and park a domain for the cost listed below. If you are ready to host your e-mail or website, contact us! I'll take care of it for you or ask me for assistance.

.com - $20/year .net - $20/year .org - $20/year
.us - $20/year .biz - $20/year .info - $20/year


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