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Fourth Quarter Goals for Next Year

Where to start? Right? Many of us attempted to pivot as fast as we could. Many of us were (or are still) running a hundred miles a minute and haven’t stopped.   We need to look at next year starting now. What do we look at? Your customers are still the same. Your business is […]

Seven Tactics to Look At For Next Year.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Staying ahead for new opportunities. Things are a-changing. New advancements. products, services, technology and the way we do business. Those that can stay ahead the curve are the ones who succeed over the long haul. Yes, it is only the second quarter, but small business owners and marketers are already planning for 2020. Website If […]

You have a business development rep and you treat it badly.

Poor Business Development Rep

Seriously. It breaks my heart every time when I look at how some companies treat their websites or how I listen to some of them talk about their websites. They do not understand where their websites fit as part of their overall business plan. They gnash their teeth when they say how much websites cost […]