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Seriously. It breaks my heart every time when I look at how some companies treat their websites or how I listen to some of them talk about their websites. They do not understand where their websites fit as part of their overall business plan.

They gnash their teeth when they say how much websites cost or when they bemoan the fact how much it cost them to host it or fix it. The poor website is trying to do its job and its’ being kicked, slapped, whipped and treated like their worst employee or a dog about to be kicked to the curb.

Everyone talks about their website. Or they don’t at all. At least at most, they ignore it.  They know that they got to have one. So they build one and then they launch it.  Then they forget about it. Then over time, they wonder about it. Wonder why they bother with it, and they wonder why they are paying for its monthly hosting fee when the bill comes. Or when something happens to it and they have to decide whether or not it is worth “fixing” it.  “It’s not doing anything!“ They cry. “But I gotta have a website.”

Yeah, yeah.

Let’s sit down and talk business, you and me.

When someone says to me, “I need a website.” Or “I need to fix my website.”

My first immediate response is “why?”

If your answer is, “It isn’t working.” or “I have to have one.”

My next question is going to be, “why?”

If you are struggling with answering the “Why.” Let me help you out here; let me change your perspective for a moment.

Let’s pretend your website is a person. Let’s pretend your website is your business development rep you have just hired.  Whatever hosting fee you’re paying is his/her “measly monthly fee” as you call it.  $3 a month. $19.99 a month. $28 a month. $48 a month. Whatever it is. I’ve heard them all.  Good ones are worth every penny. You should know your customer acquisition cost and where your leads are coming from.  If you can’t answer that, let’s work on a business and marketing plan.

Anyways, this business development rep – He/she is your best one you just got. Eager, ready to go, never sick, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, to drum up new prospects for your business. It’s your job to close the leads.

Now – what is your expectation of that business development rep? Take a moment and think about that for a bit.

What is it that you want your business development rep to convey “out there” about you and your business?  Is the “message” that you want your business development to share “clear” and “compelling”?  What tools and resources are you going to “arm or provide” your business development rep with so you can help him/her to “close” that prospective lead with? What are you providing as an arsenal along with your business development rep to keep your prospects engaged until they become a client?

This puts it into a whole different perspective, doesn’t it?

If you incorporate your website as part of your overall business and marketing goals, your website can be part of your sales and marketing activity, providing information and capturing leads. Your website can be one of your most valuable resource.

If your website does not clearly convey what problems you solve in less than 60 seconds, then it is not doing its job.  If you are not capturing leads through your website, then you are missing out on potential sales opportunities.

If you’re still struggling with your message, positioning to your target market and executing your digital marketing strategy for your business, let’s talk. SCS Digital Marketing works with professional speakers, business coaches and small businesses.  We offer affordable options for websites with hosting, digital marketing and graphic design.  Send e-mail to hello at scs-digitalmarketing or call 770-293-8900.