Accelerate Your Business Through A Focused Strategy and Action Plan

With Our Proven Accelerator Business Blueprint

This year is yours for the taking. What you plan, track & measure, You.Will.Achieve

The best way to realize your goals is to:

  1. put them down on paper or computer
  2. take action
  3. measure progress

Which means crushing this years’ goals can be as simple as creating a simple business plan and sticking to it.

And lucky for you, I’ve got just the thing to turn that blank paper of opportunity, into a work of art. 

Our Accelerator Blueprint is the ultimate data-driven, customer centric business planning workshop! 

Held at your location or virtually. 

Just one day - 8 hours -  you’ll create a data-driven 2023 business plan, complete with monthly sales targets, a tactical plan to achieve them, and a spreadsheet to track your progress.

We've got plug-n-play strategy, planning and templates that will make your life easy.

A goal-crushing business plan is a bit art and a bit science . . . 

so here is the plan:

Hour 1 | Set measurable business goals & profit targets

Hour 2 | Set your monthly revenue targets

Hour 3 | Identify and Create Your Ideal Customer User Personas

Hour 4 | Take A Journey from Your Customer’s Experience

Hour 5 | Craft your strategy

Hour 6 | Turn your strategy into a tactical plan with to-dos

Hour  7 | Learn how to measure your progress

We got an extra hour there for breaks. This is a live, in-person, one-on-one workshop. We are going to get this done! 

With the right business strategy tied to clear intentional to-dos, you can focus on value-driving marketing tactics, and hit the ground running in 2023!

So what do you say? Shall we build a killer strategy and action plan to help you achieve all your 2023 goals?!

Yes? Let’s go! 

Next Steps - 

  • Pay your deposit to reserve your spot. (We only do 4 workshops a month)
  • Select first choice and second choice dates for your workshop
  • Select if workshop will be held at your location or off site (my location of choice)
  • Specify how many will be attending workshop (should be for key stakeholders only, and identify their roles)
  • Share what is the main challenge you’re currently facing with your business
  • Look for onboarding email with next steps within 24 to 48 hours. This email will confirm your dates, receipt of deposit and provide additional information. 

Reserve your spot (filling up fast!)

Still Not sure? 

✔️ Do you have your business goals established for this year?

✔️ Are your KPI’s in place for your marketing tactics?

✔️ Are your tactics aligned with your business goals?

✔️ Are you attracting the right customers?

✔️ Are you struggling to get new leads or new customers?

✔️ Are you even sending your campaigns at the right time? 

✔️ Are you feeling overwhelmed with post-sale customer relationship and marketing?

If you are saying yes to any of these, may I encourage you to take this one day workshop. I know that putting together a business plan with business goals, figuring out your marketing plans and talking about KPI’s can be boring. 

But this will go by fast and I promise to make it fun, interesting and enlightening. The best part is that you will walk out the door with your plan in place for this year. And I promise, if you put it in place, execute them as you have it planned, track and measure, you will see results. 

✔️ You will attract the right customers

✔️ You will retain your existing customers

✔️ You will see and watch your revenue, profits, and productivity soar

If you don’t feel you have received your value out of this Accelerator Blueprint at any point during the workshop, we will stop and refund your last payment.

Still want to talk it over with me? - book a 15-minute session with me

Otherwise, go ahead and book your one day workshop - enroll your session below. 👇

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