Local SEO Services: What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing strategy that is designed for local businesses to help them reach more customers and generate more revenue by targeting leads in your city or geographic area.

For instance, a chiropractor with a single location in Canton, Georgia will serve customers in a radius around their location – some distance that he/she will receive customers who are willing drive to and from for chiropractic services on from that location. That chiropractor does not need to attract customers in Nashville- since he or she can’t service that far away.

Local Business

Are You a “Local Business”?
If the target audience for your products or services are located within a specific geographic area, then you need to focus on Local SEO Services. What does that mean? It means if your customers physically come to you, or you physically go to them, you are a “local business” because you need to target a specific geographic area – or multiple areas if you have more than one location.

More and more people are searching for services “near me” or in a specific area. Google and other search engines are now smart enough to know when someone searches for a restaurant, yoga studio, a roofer or even a chiropractor they probably want one close by. Local SEO helps to make sure they find YOU.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO Services are a number of techniques used to improve your website traffic, by telling the search engines what your website is about, where you are located, and what services or products you offer. When done correctly and over time, the “reputation” of your website, in the eyes of the search engines, improves, and your site’s rankings move higher.

Some of the techniques and tools we use for Local SEO are:
• Google My Business Optimization
• Keyword Research
• Competitor Research
• Citations and Link Building
• and more (there’s always more!)

Should I Be Doing Local SEO?

Local SEO Services, like all SEO, are designed to improve your search engine rankings. When your rankings improve, you will receive more website traffic, and when your website is set up to convert those visitors into clients – your business will experience growth.

You’ve surely done a search for a service or product in your local area, where you enter in the type of service as well as the name of the area to look just near where you are located. Local SEO Services will help your business have a better chance of appearing in your customers searches.

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