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Brand Strategy and Design

Your brand is everything you are, far beyond just a glance. Your company identity, although consisting of your colors, fonts, taglines, etc, also comprises your brand voice and tone, your vision and personality, and what services and products are unique to you. (Your unique value proposition!) SCS Digital Marketing is a branding agency based in Georgia who can help you manage your image and reputation here and beyond.

Our signature Brand Identity package is broken into two phases. Project might include:

Phase One: Brand Strategy

Phase One is spent developing your brand strategy: we’ll do a deep dive into your brand’s foundations and values, audience, uniqueness, messaging, and creative direction.

  • Brand Messaging & Positioning
  • Core Values
  • Mission Statement’
  • Vision
  • Slogan
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Tone
  • In Depth Target Audience
  • Brand Positioning


Phase Two: Brand Design

Phase Two is where the design magic happens. We will be developing your full brand identity: the visual representation of your brand.

projects might include:

  • In-depth Brand Strategy book
  • Brand Asset Curation
  • Brand guidelines
  • Social Media Branding
  • Logo Design

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