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Let’s take a breather here.

Massive Layoffs.

Recession is looming.

Are we or are we not at the end of inflation?

Will interest rates continue to rise or not?

Gas prices going up and down.


How is this going impact you as an Ecommerce business owner?


You’re also faced with competition – other ecommerce sites that are similar to yours.

Rising advertising costs.

Third-party data is going in the way of dinosaurs.


You’ve worked hard to acquire your customers.


Now you’re working very hard to keep them.


What if I told you that with a little bit more effort,

all that hard work you’re doing won’t be so hard?


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to engage with them at the right time?

How about being able to delight them and provide them exceptional customer experience?

Or taking your ecommerce business up a notch?


I am talking about customer journey mapping.


With customer journey mapping, you’ll be walking through their journey as they move from channel to channel,

from the first time they visit your store, to the time they make a purchase.


Since this is tailored to your business, therefore creating customer experience that is unique to your brand.

It could become a way to distinguish you from your competitors.


Ecommerce business owners who have performed customer journey mapping* are known to reap the following year-over-year benefits:


Let’s put yourself and your business back in control.


Payment plan:

First deposit of $1500 is due immediately to start. There will be two more recurring charges of $1500, charged at the first of each month. (credit card is required to be on file)



What is expected of you:

participate in all scheduled online sessions

5 hour a week commitment to work on project offline.


What you can expect of me:

I will be available via email to respond to inquiries. There will be opportunities for 1:1 to discuss our project together as it progresses.


If at any time, you feel you are not satisfied or would like to discontinue this project, you will receive a refund of any additional charges that were incurred. (First deposit is nonrefundable.)