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Unveiling Your Ideal Client Profile: The Key to B2B and B2C Success

  Hey there, ladies! Ready for a little marketing wisdom to spice up your day? Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of the Ideal Client Profile (ICP). I know, I know – you’re thinking “Isn’t that a B2B thing?” Well, ICPs are just as powerful for B2C! So, grab a cup of your favorite […]

Roadmap to Success: Crafting Your Business Growth Strategy.

  Being a business owner, especially a woman in business, can be a thrilling journey filled with opportunities and rewards. Yet, it’s also filled with decisions that can impact the trajectory of your business. One crucial element that can guide your path is your business roadmap. This strategic guide will help you visualize your goals, […]

7 Essential Strategies to Recession-Proof Your Business for Female Entrepreneurs

  As a female business owner, you’ve worked hard to build your company, and you want to protect it during tough economic times. Recessions can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can safeguard your business and even thrive. In this blog post, we’ll discuss seven strategies to help you recession-proof your business. Be […]

The Art of Rock Balancing: A Lesson in Business Success

  Let’s talk about rock balancing and how it can teach us about the importance of setting business goals. Rock balancing is an art form that involves stacking rocks on top of each other without adhesives or tools. It’s a meditative practice that requires deep focus and concentration, and it can help reduce stress and […]

Don’t Become This Business Statistic

  No one wants to fail. According to U.S. Bank, 78% of small businesses fail because they lack a well-developed business and marketing plan. Too many business owners don’t have the time, marketing expertise or analytic skills needed to develop an integrated marketing plan that leads to successful growth. So they often pick a single […]

To Succeed: Keep Your Online Shoppers Experience in Mind

Happy Woman Online Shopper

Your e-commerce website should be able to sell across all devices, not just mobile. While ensuring that your e-commerce website functions across all devices, are you keeping your customers’ shopping experience in mind? Is Your Ecommerce Website Responsive? When it comes to having a responsive e-commerce website, it means that your website can display with […]

Using The Letter “E” of E-A-T Can Help Improve Your Website

When working on your content for your website or your overall content strategy, here is a suggestion that might be helpful. That is using the letter “E” as a guide. The letter “E” in Google’s search quality guideline acronym, “E-A-T.” It stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Let’s look at the letter “E” or Expertise. […]

Fall Colors and Fall Reminders for Small Business Owners

Fall Colors in Mountains

Hey folks. For some of us, we look forward to October because it’s when Fall colors really turn. I live in the south near the mountains. I love it during this time of year. It is truly glorious when you see the fall colors among the Appalachians mountains. It is absolutely breathtaking. As a small […]

Grow Your Web Design Agency with Web Accessibility Services

Pile of 100 dollar bills

This morning, I just met with a client to go over a proposal for web accessibility remediation services for a small fast food service provider who was sued for having an inaccessible website.* What was the issue? Website was inaccessible to those who were visually impaired. (during the audit, we found other issues, but that […]