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Do you have a process in place to qualify and close leads into customers?

Once you have attracted someone to your site, provided them with valuable information and received their contact information, do you have a process in place to further qualify them and eventually ‘close‘ them?

This is the stage where it’s easy to lose potential clients. One of the main reasons is that there’s often not enough follow up with these leads. Many times it’s because a business just runs out of ‘things’ to give or say.

That’s why it is important to build out campaigns that will nurture leads until they become clients, or they simply opt out of receiving further communications from you.

How we can help

There are many things your business can do to close leads. We’ll help you select, set up and use the best tools to get this done.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still a very effective way to communicate with people. We’ll work with you to develop campaigns to nurture both leads and clients. These campaigns can be tied in with marketing automation to deliver targeted messages, including special offers, review requests, product and service updates and much more. Sending a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘happy birthday’ via email goes a long way with most clients.


A random visitor on your website needs some on-time engagement to get interested in your product. But a human can’t be available all-time whenever there is a new visitor or you may require a perfect customer team for all day which is quite expensive. A Website chatbot can be a perfect solution for this problem. 

A lead generation chatbot is one of the best tools to help marketers connect and interact with potential customers 24/7, even when the sales department is busy or unavailable.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of the most effective and cost effective ways to nurture leads. Automating email campaigns based on a leads actions, interests, demographics or any other way you want to segment them allows you to tailor your message for each person. This provides an overall better user experience and saves time for you and the lead.

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