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How are you converting your online visitors into leads?

Are people visiting your site, but then leaving without taking any action? This is a common issue with many websites or landing pages …. there’s no conversion.

Obviously, you need to get targeted visitors first, but after that, you need to have a process in place to spark their interest and then convert them into a lead.

How we can help:

Working through the Inbound Marketing Methodology, ‘convert‘ is the second stage in the lead generation and acquisition process. It is at this stage that you’ll need to get your site visitor to take some sort of action.

We can help you create a system and build the assets needed to convert visitors into leads.

Here are some of the items we take care of:

Landing Pages

these landing pages are designed for one purpose – that is to get the visitor to take a specific action.

Call to Actions

These call to actions are not as generic as to “click here”. They should be specific to your offer and the action that you want them to take

Lead Magnets

They are digital assets that you can offer visitors in exchange for contact information.

Smart Forms

Asking for the right information will increase conversions. We will build forms and tie them in with your marketing automation tool.

SCS Digital Marketing will implement the inbound marketing system that will convert your online visitors into leads for your business.

*This can be project based or retainer based. It depends on your needs. It is recommended to start with a website audit or digital marketing audit.

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