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Unveiling Your Ideal Client Profile: The Key to B2B and B2C Success

  Hey there, ladies! Ready for a little marketing wisdom to spice up your day? Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of the Ideal Client Profile (ICP). I know, I know – you’re thinking “Isn’t that a B2B thing?” Well, ICPs are just as powerful for B2C! So, grab a cup of your favorite […]

Mastering Q4: A Guide to Digital Marketing Planning

  As a female business owner and former boutique art gallery proprietor, I understand firsthand the importance of Q4 planning. I would spend my summers meticulously strategizing for the busiest season of the year, right down to the smallest detail. As the saying goes, ‘Christmas in July,’ well, it is truer than you think, especially […]

Get Creative with Peaches: Marketing Your Spa with a Fun Theme

  Happy National Peach Cobbler Day! I live in the lovely state of Georgia, known as the Peach state. Our state fruit is the peach.  For fun, here’s some peach theme ideas to run with into your business! In this blog post,  we share a variety of ideas to help you infuse the peach theme […]

Growth Strategies for Women Owners of Medical and Beauty Spas

  As a woman business owner of a medical and beauty spa, you face unique challenges and opportunities when setting goals for your business. One of the most important types of goals to set is growth-oriented goals. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of setting growth-oriented goals, tips for setting them, examples […]

90 Days to 100 New Clients: A Digital Marketing Guide for Medical and Beauty Spas

  Acquiring new clients is a crucial aspect of growing any medical or beauty spa business. However, it can be a challenging task to attract and convert potential clients into paying customers. With an integrated digital marketing strategy, medical and beauty spas can gain 100 new clients in just 90 days. In this article, we’ll […]

St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Ideas

  Here are some ideas for St. Patrick’s Day that alternative health brands or other boutique businesses can use to promote their products: Host a St. Patrick’s Day-themed wellness event: You could organize a wellness event that incorporates St. Patrick’s Day themes. For example, you could offer a yoga class with green-colored yoga mats, or […]

Don’t Become This Business Statistic

  No one wants to fail. According to U.S. Bank, 78% of small businesses fail because they lack a well-developed business and marketing plan. Too many business owners don’t have the time, marketing expertise or analytic skills needed to develop an integrated marketing plan that leads to successful growth. So they often pick a single […]

To Succeed: Keep Your Online Shoppers Experience in Mind

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Your e-commerce website should be able to sell across all devices, not just mobile. While ensuring that your e-commerce website functions across all devices, are you keeping your customers’ shopping experience in mind? Is Your Ecommerce Website Responsive? When it comes to having a responsive e-commerce website, it means that your website can display with […]

Want to Sell Well Online? Pick A Strategy.

The pandemic has been good for e-commerce. Small business owners who already had an e-commerce presence before COVID reported higher online sales. Small business owners who decided to start their own e-commerce business during this time didn’t do too bad either. To sell well online, you need to pick your e-commerce strategy and stick to […]

Improve your Online Presence With These Trustworthy Steps

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Research has shown that word of mouth is the primary factor behind 20 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions. Whether compared to traditional advertising, media mentions, or promotional events, word of mouth is more useful in creating users and customers. Offline word of mouth is significant. Online reviews and testimonials are essential in establishing […]