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SEO and Accessibility: How they work together 


Description: While it is important to understand where SEO and accessibility (#a11y) overlap in order to optimize correctly for both, it is important to note that optimizing for one is not necessarily akin to optimizing for the other. In other words, if you’ve optimized a page for search engines, it does not necessarily mean you made it accessible and visa versa.  What it is very important to UNDERSTAND that there IS overlap – and if you understand the overlap, you can successfully optimize for both.

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Here’s the presentation from Wordcamp Birmingham 2019. Thank you for your interest and downloading the PPT. Should you have any questions or would like me to present to your organization or event on the topic of web accessibility, please feel free to reach out



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April 4 2020: The Remote Control – Virtual Summit

Topic: 10 Ways to Grow Your Website Traffic for Free

October 2020

How Build Your E-mail List

What we will cover:

We will discuss and explore in our 45 minutes:
1) How to approach list building as a system rather than one-off
2) Various ways to add subscribers to your list
3) Understand why “e-mail deliverability” is your goal in your e-mail list building strategy

Email List building is one of the most strategic and powerful activities you can engage in as a business owner. That’s because it’s the one way that you’re able to build a list of people who have willingly expressed an interest in the type of products or services you offer.  And it’s YOUR list. One that you control. That’s a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal when it comes time to launching a product or service, running a promotion, or just reaching out to your list to build the relationships required to fuel your business long term.

However, the success of your email marketing efforts largely depends on the size and quality of your e-mail list. For every $1 you invest in your email, you will get an average $38 back.

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BONUS: Free email list building checklist will be emailed to participants before the start of the webinar.

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Tips to Improve Your SEO with Web Accessibility

Saturday March 9, 2019 Time: 
2:00 pm

Description: When a website is inaccessible, it is not just an issue of compliance, it is just bad practice on display. People with disabilities ranging from blindness, deafness, dyslexia and others may navigate and consume content in different ways with assistive technology (like screen readers, captioning or joy sticks). Therefore it is not that difficult to understand why lack of accessibility negatively impacts SEO. Web accessibility is not just for developers, it is just as important for marketers to make it part of their digital marketing to ensure that opportunities for success aren’t missed.

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