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An email marketing audit can come to your rescue if you are facing any challenges or if you want to rediscover new opportunities with your email campaigns. It paves new avenues for you to try and test.

An external audit is more beneficial in the following aspects:

This free email audit will provide you a basic overview of the following of your email campaign:

That is just a basic overview that can have an impact on the open rates, click throughs and conversions. Go ahead, fill out the form – we’ll send you your report within 24 hours with no obligation at all. 

What about an In-Depth Email Marketing Audit?*

If you are ready to get a comprehensive email marketing audit done for you, contact us.

*There is a fee for an in-depth email marketing audit. It takes 7-10 working days to deliver the report. Then we are to have a scheduled appointment to review the report together. 

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