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You’re doing a great job on Linkedin. You’ve been consistently posting an article every week, a post twice a day, a video once a week and engaging daily. Let’s do a fist bump for doing great job!

You’re probably getting a lot of inbox comments and some emails. That’s the whole idea of this activity, isn’t it?

I assume you have Google Analytics installed on your website and you’re paying attention to the visits that are coming to your website as a result of your Linkedin activity.

People who are visiting your website are trying to get to know you. They are watching you on Linkedin. Reading your posts, they may or may not be engaging with you yet.

Just like in sales, we’re trying to move them along the journey in their decision-making process about you. What is your website doing to help them along? What do you have in place to encourage them to reach out to you?

Your Website – Content Strategy

Your Linkedin activity is part of it. Your website is another part of the digital marketing channel. There also needs to be more – you need to capture their email address and get them into an email funnel where you can try to educate them about you, your products or services.

Your website probably has content such as video, case studies, portfolio or whitepapers, testimonials, and blogs. Your Linkedin visitors need to be driven strategically or guided along their decision-making journey the appropriate content that would lead them to either email you or call you.

You already got their attention by your Linkedin activity. You have driven them to your website. Another fist bump there. Are you acquiring their email address when they visit your website for the second or third time? First time website visitors will always drop off. They may return second or third time based on your social media activity.

Lead Magnets or Call to Action

If you have lead magnets in place to capture email address when your website visitors come back the second or third time, a high five for you. No, I am not talking about “here, subscribe to your newsletter” type of e-mail capture. Everyone has those. I am talking about a low value offer that they can use or try. A free webinar, demo, trial period, 7-day bootcamp, step by step guide to something, checklist to improve on something – that kind of offer.

This allows them to get to know you even more – they are going to try your expertise or product. Now you have their e-mail. Their email address should put them into an email sequence.  That email sequence should be a useful series that showcases more about you, your knowledge, expertise, backstory and then you can move towards how you can help them, what it would look like for them when you do help them and why and how it would benefit them to work with you before you move to the close.

How long is this email sequence? It can be 6 to 7 to 12. It depends on the buyer’s journey and your products or services. What if they don’t respond? Maybe they are not ready. As long as they have not unsubscribed, they could be part of your weekly or monthly newsletter.  Assuming you are consistent with your newsletter as you are with your Linkedin activity, at some point in their time – it is going to be the right time that they are going to reach out to you.

You Need Both – Website and Funnel

Every entrepreneur or business should have a funnel with their website.  Without it, all the website visitors – regardless how they got there, whether it is organically, social media, pay per click – it would be like leaving opportunities on the table. If you’re a salesperson, and you understand prospecting; think of the funnel as a way to stay in front of your prospects, your funnel is doing the follow-up for you.

If you feel that your website is not working for you – Maybe, it is time to take another look at it. It could be not your website. It could be that it is missing its other parts.