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If you are a small business with a brick and mortar business looking to boost and expand your local SEO presence to generate more traffic to your website and more foot traffic to your local business, this Hyper-Local SEO package will fit within your budget as well as generate results.

What is in the Hyper Local SEO package?

Your Upfront investment will generate the following digital marketing activities:

  1. Get your business listed in online local directories such as Yelp, Apple Maps, Google, ShowmeLocal, Uber, FourSquare and more.
  2. We will perform an assessment and optimize your website for SEO. In our assessment, we will identify where the website needs to be optimized for SEO. For example, page load times are important as well as being mobile friendly. We will also perform keyword research and identify what the main keywords need to be utilized to help your website rank higher for your business. We will advise with your web developer on implementing the keywords where appropriate within your website and where the website needs to improve the page load speed times. (Or you can retain us to do the work on your site if you do not work with a web developer.)
  3. Set up your Google My Business profile
  4. Optimize your Google My Business profile and your Google Map so you can capture reviews
  5. Set up your Bing directory and map
  6. Connect your site to Google Search Console
  7. Connect and upgrade your Google Analytics to G4
  8. Set up Google Tag Manager

Your Upfront investment is $3000

The upfront investment is to begin the work.

Your monthly reporting will be $199 a month.

What we will measure for results:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How soon will I see results?

We feel that you can start seeing results after 60 days and then it will start building up momentum thereafter. That is why we are asking for a six-month commitment. After that, it is up to you to renew your commitment with the package or sit down with us to develop your custom digital marketing plan.

Can you split the upfront investment?

Yes we can – in two payments of $1530.

What if I don’t want to renew after six months, what will happen?

Your Google My Business account with your reviews stays with you.  But your online directory listings (apple, showmelocal, etc) will be shut down.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can. But we suggest waiting at least 90 days before deciding to cancel. We need the first 60 days to generate results on Google and Bing.  Even though the results are nearly immediate, but in terms of actual conversions or walk throughs, it takes more time. Statistics show that 98% of people who visit your website, or any website don’t convert – right away. We’re monitoring, testing, tweaking, adjusting the whole time to improve and increase the likelihood of conversions or walk-ins. Hence the six-month commitment. With our 20 years of combined experience in digital marketing, we are using tried and true methods that work. No gimmicks. Nothing that will hurt your business, reputation or your domain authority. We do it right.

Are your results guaranteed?

What we can deliver is increased traffic to your website, and more traffic to your local business or increased phone calls to your business. In terms of expectations, that needs to be clarified. If you are expecting thousands and thousands, then no, that is not what we are going to deliver. If you are expecting hundreds and hundreds, no that is not going to happen either. With the small affordable budget that we are talking about in this package, we can strive for at least 2% conversion rate or an increase of 10% growth in traffic. What does that mean for you? It depends on your location, your product, service and competition. If you are in an extremely competitive market, we would not advise this Hyper Local SEO package. The monthly minimum would not suffice for your business.