SCS Digital Marketing offers PPC Management services for more traffic and conversions.

Pay per click management (ppc) is the process of advertising your business through search engines. When people search for product or services like yours on Google or Bing, we will help your business on top.

Our PPC Management Services Help Grow Your Business Two Ways:

Quality Traffic and Conversions

There are over 3.5 billion searches being performed daily. That translates to 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide! (Google search statistics).  These are people looking for solutions to their problems. A percentage of these searches are problems that your business solves. Through the use of pay per click management services, your business can pull new customers.

Get the Right Results

Paid search ads will drive traffic to your website once its set up. Unlike organic search listings, you will be on the front page of Google or Bing. However, you pay per click on your search ads. It is important to make sure you are paying for clicks that convert into conversions. What is a conversion? It depends on what your goals are. It can be a sale, or a download or placing a phone call.

*Yes, Google and Bing does make it easy to start your own ad campaigns, but it takes experience to optimize it for conversions and it is more important to make sure that your cost per conversion is not higher than the value of your customers.

We do the following:

  • Keyword Research & Keyword Bid Adjustments
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Campaign Creation and Ad Copy Creation
  • Landing Page Design, Optimization and Development
  • Reporting and Meeting
    • Google Analytics Review
    • Budget Analysis
    • Conversion Rate Analysis

Our Pricing Model is flexible:

Every business is different and pricing is based on your needs, spend and goals. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.


SCS Digital Marketing is WAZE Certified!

Advertise on WAZE to drive foot traffic to your business!

WAZE can be a great advertising opportunity for your brick and mortar business. WAZE is a community-based wayfinding app that seeks to provide a better driving experience for everyone. It allows users to relay information on everything from traffic patterns to the locations of accidents, cops and even potholes.

With 130 million active users globally, there are 30 million WAZE users in the United States. Each of these WAZE users drive an average 10.5 miles or spend 438 minutes using the WAZE app. WAZE is the newest way to reach your target audience where they spend the majority of their time – commuting.

Owned by Google, WAZE is leveraging their audience with the ability to advertise within the app.

How can you use WAZE local for your business?

Through three ad types:

  • Branded Pins: Like a store sign, pins inform and remind drivers that your business is on or near their route.
  • Zero Speed Takeover: The Zero-Speed Takeover is a digital billboard. It is shown when drivers are at a complete stop.
  • Promoted Search: Your locations will be promoted to the top of search results and include your brand logo.


Why advertise on WAZE?

  1. Build brand awareness or drive action to your location
  2. Make new customers aware of your location

If you are not a brick and mortar, this may not be the best platform. If you do have a physical location, any business is eligible to advertise on WAZE but the top sectors utilizing this form of advertising so far are:

  • Restaurants & Convenience Stores
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Furniture/Home Good
  • Hospitality
  • Grocery

Other Options:

Since WAZE is used for navigation and direction purposes, its main competitors with larger groups of active users are Apple, Google and Bing Maps. But, only two of these options have similar advertising to WAZE, and that is the Google My Business and Bing Verified Businesses. If you advertise through AdWords and Bing ads, your business search ads appear through location extensions, but they do not appear within WAZE, so this could be a good collaborative effort in driving more traffic to your local stores.

Our suggestion would be to start small and test. Begin with the starter package on some of your locations in a larger populated area and try to create a special worth for individuals to stopping in to claim.

For more info about WAZE, fill out this form below and we’ll get in touch!

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