-Save money and grow your business.

Your Outsourced

Marketing Department

We work with startups to mid-sized business owners.

Outsourcing your marketing allows you - whether you are a boutique retailer, eCommerce business owner, small or mid-sized business-owner - focus more on other aspects of your business or free up more of your time for family, personal development or whatever it may be. Primarily outsourcing allows you not just save money, it allows you to let experts handle what they are good at, control your costs, increase efficiency and ensure vital tasks are being taken care of by professionals. 


We're part of your team, who can scale as you grow.

Here’s Our 3-step Process How It

How It Works.


Answer Some Questions

We will connect to learn more about you and your business, and perform a needs assessment. 


We Analyze & Plan

After our needs assessment, we'll present our plan for your outsourced marketing needs. 


We Perform & Deliver

Once you agree to the plan, we begin to get to work to deliver and execute your marketing plan tactics to help your business to continue to grow. 

Wondering What You Get? Features & Benefits.


- 01. Touch of the Experts

Outsourcing to an external team of experts may be the best way to handle your marketing. This way, you know you’re getting the best resources and knowledge in the field.

- 02. Saving Money

Salaries are expensive, especially if you’re running a startup or a small business. But outsourcing part of your marketing to an agency is more cost-effective than keeping a full-time team of employees. 

- 03. Flexibility in Strategies

There is no universal marketing strategy that all small or mid-sized businesses can use. Consulting a marketing professional would help you see the big picture.

- 04. High Quality

Any time you work with someone, they have their reputation on the line. This means that you can expect quality work and excellent results when hiring a reputable company or person. This is especially true when outsourcing to SCS Digital Marketing. We know how to analyze your needs and have many years of experience delivering exactly that.

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Choose A Package And Get Started

Startup - Level 2

$4950 /mo

  • Part-time Fractional CMO
  • 30 hours per month
  • One or Two Focus Areas - PPC, Social, CRO, etc
Accelerate - Level 3

$8250 /mo.

  • Part Time Fractional CMO
  • 50 hours per month
  • Multiple areas of Digital Marketing
  • Strategy, Campaigns,
  • Marketing Automations, etcera

A Few Words About Who We Are And Our Team.


Experience For Your Business

Our team brings and shares their extensive experience and knowledge to every project. We are equipped to handle any project and we're here to make your business thrive. 

Headquartered in Georgia with teams and partners across the world, with collective experience and knowledge of over 20+ years in marketing, web design and development, and sales.  

Other Services We Proudly Provide

Web Hosting & Maintenance Packages

Rather than dealing with a web hosting company that seems inaccessible and inconsistent when it comes to support or dealing with basic hosting plans that does not offer critical features that you need without a lot of upsells. Why not work with us for your WordPress hosting and support needs? We provide the most beneficial WordPress hosting and accessible support program. 

Fractional CMO Services

Just need a CMO? We offer fractional CMO services available at an hourly or retainer basis, with decades of experience and insights that they use to take holistic view of your business. We can help with review of your start up plans, or help with running marketing functions or driving sales growth.  

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