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Virtual Personal Assistant Service Provider for Professional Women Speakers and Coaches

Professional Women Speakers and Coaches

Add more time in your day doing what you do best: Speaking, Coaching or Writing.

Hire a virtual personal assistant to do the vital business tasks and digital marketing activities that need to get done.

Stay tuned with updates and tips! Once a month. 

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Virtual Assistant and Marketing Services Offered

digital marketing services

Digital Stuff

Need someone to manage your social media? Not a problem. Website content updates? Yes, we do that.  Create landing page for your upcoming webinar? Got it. Help manage your podcast schedule and guests, we can take care of it for you. 


website design services

Web Design and Hosting

Need a website or or maybe it needs a revamp? Need someone to manage it to keep it up to date, and secure? We can work with your host company or try mine. 


Email and Social Media Services by SCS Digital Markeiting

Marketing Automation

Need help with your email marketing and automation? We can design your branded newsletter template and assist with your automation campaigns. We can work in Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft. 


Take Advantage of these Virtual Assistant Packages!

Package #4 Podcast Checklist


Your Own Podcast Set up and Management Check list

  • Use my checklist to make sure your podcast is properly promoted, listed, and launched. Also includes Guest Outreach and scheduling checklist.

Package #5 Blog Checklist


Blog Check list

  • Use my checklist for Your blog for SEO, post, promotion and image creation.
  • 4-page PDF file

Package 2 – Marketing Automation

$450.00 $225.00

  • Set up a welcome and e-paper email automation sequence for you. (about 4 to 6 emails in the sequence) Includes 30-minute Zoom discovery meeting.
  • If you’re promoting a book, a topic or even launching a campaign to get hired as a speaker, this will work for you. I also have experience in Infusionsoft.

Latest from Blog

Let’s talk about the “elephant” in the room.

When someone talks about the ‘elephant’ in the room, they are referring to a topic or problem that no one wants to discuss. I am going to put one out there because it needs to be discussed. I did not earn the nickname, “Troublemaker” for nothing.  Anyways, this is something that I have had to…

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PowerPoint Presentation or Not?

Do I need it to make my point? Happy Friday! My thoughts twirl around the upcoming presentation I have in September. I will be speaking to a group of small businesses about digital accessibility. I am debating on whether or not to have a PowerPoint presentation. Everything I want to say and share I know…

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Just How Open Is Your Door?

You have heard the saying, “My door is always open.”  When I had my brick and mortar retail in downtown Rochester, Michigan, I had a front and back door. I believed in having the doors open. (weather permitting, of course) It was an open invitation to everyone that walked on the sidewalks to come in to…

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