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Perhaps you have a list of customers in your CRM or e-mail list that have gone ignored. Or maybe you have realized some of your customers have gone quiet. It happens to every business owner. For some reason or other, they may no longer shop at your place, buy a product or service from you, or they may have stopped interacting with your organization altogether.

But a business owner or entrepreneur shouldn’t give up their customers without a fight. Whether your customers have gone to the competition or just gone silent, they are still worth your time and effort to woo them again. Here are five practical tips to re-engaging dormant customers and expanding your base of paying, active clients.

Tip 1: Find Out Why – Ask them

There is a reason your customers are no longer interacting and uncovering the reason why is the first step. One way to do this is to use online surveys and polls. Don’t be afraid to ask and be direct. This analysis will only make your business stronger.

Ask them what you could do better, how you could adjust your offerings, and how you might better meet their needs. Take their feedback seriously and make adjustments where possible. Then, do respond and let them know that their feedback heard and implemented.

If you can, other than doing an e-mail survey and polls, pick up the phone and make contact. Yes, call them and let him or her know that you want to get their business back.

Depending on the approach you take, you might be surprised by how much goodwill this generates, and how the goodwill will bring them back.

Tip 2: Offer Incentives

Some customers may require more than words to give you back their business. Try to offer them something your competitors can’t, such as discounts on key products or services, or personalized service.

Whatever you offer, make it unique to your business and valuable to your customers. If everyone in your market provides free shipping, for instance, that won’t get you very far. You’ll want to consider incentives that genuinely stand out. For example, you might want to offer re-activation bonuses or one-time deep discounts on your most popular products or services. Or, you might offer a free hour of personal consultation.

Your offer will depend on your business, what others in the space are doing, and what your customers need. Need some inspiration? Invite them to a free event or offer a time-sensitive discount.

Tip 3: Show them

Your dormant customers may have become disengaged if they didn’t achieve the desired results from your product or service. Show them the advantage of doing business with you by communicating the successes and satisfaction of your active customers are experiencing. Sometimes actions (of others) speak louder than words. For instance, you are an online retailer offering personalized shopping tips, show them a handful of happy customer quotes about your service. If you are an interior designer launching in e-design packages, do share testimonials of satisfied customers on your website and in your social media. When possible – get video testimonials of your happy customers. Video testimonials are the most converting tools you can implement. Here is how – interview them.

Tip 4: Use Social Media to Connect Where They Are

Meet your customers where they are. Don’t wait for them to come back on their own. When you survey them (in Tip 1), determine what platforms they are using or hanging out in and begin to engage. Use social media to connect with them where they are. Everyday 2.23 billion people use Facebook – your customers are bound to be there. Don’t ignore Instagram; it currently has 1 billion monthly active users. If you are targeting young adults, 71% of Instagram users are under age 35. If you are B2B, reach out on LinkedIn, at least 260 million users are logging in there. Sixty-one million of them are senior level influencers. In Linkedin – start networking, join groups, become a part of the conversation with relevant information. You could offer instructional content as well as links to related content or conversations. Just remember one main thing – it is not always about you.

Tip 5: Leverage Technology

Maybe it is time to leverage technology to your advantage. Businesses need to provide real-time, personalized experiences that reach customers to survive today’s ever-changing landscape. Take a hard look at where you can improve customer experience. Implementing e-mail personalization strategy is a good start if you have a solid list. Developing an app is another way to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Or leverage voice technology as a unique way to connect where they are other than social media.

With these five actionable tips, in no time, you’ll be increasing your client base and generating additional revenue for your business.

Christine Laikind, founder of SCS Digital Marketing caters to professional keynote speakers, business coaches, and industry partners. She is also an advocacy speaker on web accessibility. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and going through the Smokey Mountains on the back of her husband’s motorcycle.