When potential customers search for your business, what do they find?

Here’s how to do it as part of a SEO audit: (*this is applicable for performing local searches.)

Go to Google, but use your browser in incognito mode.

Search by what you do – not by your company name. For example, if you are a chiropractor, do these three:

“chiropractor near me,” and “chiropractic services, name of your city,” and “I need a chiropractor.”

  • Does your website show up in the top 5? Or top 10?
  • How about your Google My Business page – Does it show up on the right side of a Google Search? This is vital for Voice Search. (which accounts for 70% of local searches)
  • What about your competitors? How are they ranking?
  • You may discover your business appears on directory sites – like Yelp or Mapquest. Is the information about your company on those directory sites correct?
  • Your social media channels – they should show up too. Do they all contain correct and consistent information about your business?
  • What about reviews? Are they positive? Are there any negative reviews?
  • Finally, your last search incognito would be searching your company name to see how your website ranks.

Let me know what you find.

If you need help with getting your business found online, contact us for a virtual cup of coffee or consider our custom scs digital marketing plan.


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