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There is so much information out there about how to optimize your website for SEO. It really comes down to this.

Your ideal audience are important. You should be making sure your content addresses their needs first.

Your content has an impact on search engine optimization.
Google is an artificial intelligence machine.
When it comes to content:
Try to answer their questions.
Who, what, where, when, and why.
Then the how.

Every day people are searching for answers. For example:
how much, how do I,
why does, why did,
where is, where can I,
what is, what happens,
when does, and who is, or who made/wrote/designed/spoke

If your content (website, video, email, social media) addresses their needs (questions), you will improve your online digital presence. The real key is that it must be focused and geared towards your audience.

Neil Patel shares this infographic on content marketing. Neil provides a great lesson on what content marketing is, and how to develop a content marketing strategy to develop a “strong relationship with your target audience.”

If you look at the infographic closely – you can see, in the various stages, you are addressing the needs of your audience’s needs.

When you start addressing the needs of your audience, your visitors will stay longer at your website, share your content, and engage with your content. Those things Google likes. That will have an impact on your search engine optimization. Then your website starts to rank higher and you get more traffic. Then you have more leads coming to your website.

That is why you need content marketing strategy first.