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If you have a brick and mortar location, advertising WAZE could be another way to drive foot traffic to your location.

Before diving deep into WAZE, if your small business is the following:

Let’s keep reading on.

Do you ever remember as you’re driving down on the highway, as you drove past a billboard, you thought, “That was a great billboard. I wish there was a way to track how many people saw it. How many people actually engaged with it and how that billboard affected our bottomline.”

What if I said there is a way?

Through Waze Ads.

What is Waze?

Waze is an award-winning navigation app owned by Google. It uses real-time GPS tracking and reporting from drivers to determine the fastest and most accurate routes.


Why Advertise on Waze Ads?

Waze Local helps businesses reach nearby customers on the road, increase awareness of their store locations, and drive in-store traffic.

Essentially, this is a digital billboard shown to drivers as they’re navigating to their destination. With it, businesses are capable of tracking how many users saw this digital billboard, how many engaged with it, and ultimately tie this back to their marketing efforts.


What are your options?

There are two tiers that advertisers can choose from. The Starter solution is ideal for businesses that have 1 to 10 locations, and the minimum budget per day is just $2 USD.

The Plus solution is suitable for businesses that have 1 to 50+ locations and require a more substantial budget of $100 USD per day.

Waze’s pricing model is based on CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), and advertisers are able to determine what they’re willing to pay for every thousand impressions by setting a CPM bid.

In terms of ad formats, businesses can leverage the following:

  1. Search ads
  2. Pin ads
  3. Zero-Speed ads.


Search Waze Ads

These search ads allow advertisers to get priority ranking among drivers’ search results. This is crucial as you would want to get the top spot, especially on a mobile device. The good news is advertisers are not charged for this type of ad format.


Waze Pin Ads

These Pin-ads generate location awareness of your nearby store. Like a store sign, pins inform and remind drivers that your business is on or near their route. The user can then click on the ad and interact with your brand by choosing to navigate to your store, calling you, or visiting your website to learn more.


Waze Zero-Speed Ads

These Zero Speed-ads (Take Overs) help promote your offer to increase location awareness and drive in-store navigations. The ad only shows when the user comes to a complete stop, and when they do, they take up almost half the screen. However, this is only available to advertisers who choose the Plus solution and spend a minimum of $100 USD per day.


Online Ads, Offline Results

Waze has quickly become one of the most useful tools for commuters. With more features being added all the time (they recently introduced Waze Carpool for more eco-conscious users), Waze is a growing and expanding economy perfect for branching out with your PPC budget. On average, Waze advertisers saw a 20% increase in navigations to their brick and mortar locations. They’ve seen success with brands in automotive, entertainment, hospitality, retail, finance, casual dining restaurants, and more. With a minimum budget of only $2 per day, Waze gives marketers an excellent base to start their campaigns.

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