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Many small businesses are evaluating their websites as they were closed during the ‘shutdown’ or some are doing it right now as they begin to reopen. Regardless, performing a digital marketing audit of your website is important as you the small business owner or entrepreneur begin to move forward.

Audit lead generation and traffic to lead conversions.

    1. Are you using content offers to convert leads?
    2. Do you have calls to action above the fold on every page?
    3. Is your call-to-action copy relevant and enticing? For example, Get Informed: “Salt Therapy and Coronavirus” instead of submit.

Audit your website SEO and link building strategy.

      1. You should be linking blog posts to SEO landing pages to drive authority upwards and interlinking heavily on your website.
      2. Next audit your off-page SEO. That is how many backlinks or referrals your website is receiving. That will tell you much search authority your website has.

Audit Content strategy. Content is the foundation for many core functions of your website.

    1. Have you set up pages to accommodate the whole buyer’s journey, from helpful blog posts to content downloads and bottom-of-funnel conversion pages?
    2. Do you have content to assist in the sales process, like white papers and case studies?
    3. Do you publish frequently — at least once or twice per week — to build authority?
    4. Does your content reach your audience via social media, paid advertising, organic search, and referral traffic?

Audit your lead nurturing initiatives.

Ask how many people do you bring into your funnel and then effectively nurture to become customers? Do you send emails to our existing leads, encouraging them to reengage?

    1. Is the content you send appropriate for the buyer’s expectations/hesitations, and their place in the funnel?
    2. Are your email communications targeted to different segments?

Audit Messaging, value proposition and positioning.

Is your product or service positioned in a unique place for your buyers? Does it offer something rare and valuable? Buyers will not care about features — they care about fixing their pain points and meeting opportunities. So, if your value prop is company-centric, try flipping it around for your buyer. Then, make sure your value prop is front-and-center for first-time visitors.

Audit Mobile Responsiveness.

Audit your website technical performance and speed.

Performing a website audit can be daunting, but it is a necessary component of your overall digital marketing strategy. Moreover, a digital marketing agency like SCS Digital Marketing can help you assess your performance and help you meet your business goals.


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