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Let’s Clear the Air about Leads

Every business owner wants leads. Every business owner wants new customers, more revenue, and increased profitability. There are many different ways to get new customers, more income, and increased profitability. How you view and interpret leads is essential. Clarifying what makes a “lead” or a “qualified lead” is vital. What kinds of leads are there? […]

Quit Wasting Your Money and Get the Right Leads

Statistics state that of all the traffic efforts spent on driving visitors to a website, only 2% will actually convert at your website. Two percent. So, if you’re driving thousands of visitors on your website, you’re only going to be able to get 2% of them to convert potentially. That is to a landing page […]

Which Marketing Medium Should You be Using?

With the New Year about to arrive in less than seven weeks, many small business owners are currently reevaluating their past year sales and marketing activities. While looking at your business goals for 2020, the question comes about which marketing medium to use. It is a valid question, but it can be best answered by […]

SCS Digital Marketing Now a Waze Certified Partner

Waze, the real-time, crowdsourced navigation app, has become one of the hottest digital advertising platforms through its navigational ads. SCS Digital Marketing is now a Waze Certified Partner, giving them the ability to include Waze ads in digital marketing plans for clients in Canton, Georgia and across the country. These Waze ads help clients maximize […]

Six Reasons Why Your Business Should Have an E-mail Marketing Campaign

Are you leveraging e-mail marketing as part of your digital marketing strategy? If you are not, it is a huge miss. Let me share with you six reasons why. E-mail Converts at High Rates E-mail campaigns convert at a higher rate than any other marketing channel. This makes sense, if they’ve agreed to be part […]

Is Your Software Tech Department Inclusive for the Deaf?

September is Deaf Awareness Month. Happy Deaf Awareness month. I would like to discuss accessibility as part of deaf awareness month. I am a business owner, running a virtual digital agency for clients nationwide. So, let’s talk about customer service. Accessibility and inclusion in customer service. So, how accessible and inclusive is your customer service? […]

Why your small business needs a social media policy

Social media allows businesses the opportunity to put forth their branded image in front of their clients and prospects. Small businesses use social media for customer service, advertising, and engagement. It could be the business owner doing the social media postings or he or she may have the office manager or marketing manager doing the […]

How to Make Your Website Work For You.

You’re doing a great job on Linkedin. You’ve been consistently posting an article every week, a post twice a day, a video once a week and engaging daily. Let’s do a fist bump for doing great job! You’re probably getting a lot of inbox comments and some emails. That’s the whole idea of this activity, […]